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I know this because you are weak, ineffective leader. You could not lead gang out of wet paper bag. Too weak. Too stupid. Too cowardly.— Lev to Meg Groberg, Rocco and Lev's deal

Lev is a Russian raider in Appalachia.


Lev is a former Soviet mobster that came to America from Russia before the Great War. He enjoyed the change in locale and likes the United States - or what is left of it - as Americans are, in his view, soft and make for easy prey.[1]

Becoming a raider came easy for him, and Lev eventually threw his lot in with Meg Groberg and the Crater raiders. In fact, he considers himself to be Meg's second-in-command and behaves in an arrogant, lofty manner towards other raiders.[2] While Lev was fighting super mutants with his fists, he crossed paths with Surge and offered her a place in their group.

In reality, Meg has come into conflict with Lev frequently. When Lev started making unwanted passes at Barb, her brother told Meg. Meg then threatened Lev's "manhood" with a shotgun in order to make him stop.[3]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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From Russia With Lev


  • From Russia With Lev: Lev must be tracked down and the detonator he stole from Lucky Lou must be returned in order to finish breaking into Vault 79. It turns out Lev went to Vault 79 and tried to kill Lou himself, tying him up near a yao guai. Lev was also the one who made Lou be concerned about becoming feral, hoping Lou would kill himself, but got tired of waiting for Lou to do the act. It is revealed Lev was paid by Rocco to sabotage the plan to raid the vault, and he has a very negative opinion of Meg's "soft" leadership at the Crater as well as some of the other raiders, calling them, "weak, pathetic freaks, animals." He believes in a dog-eat-dog world where only the strong should be allowed to survive and that all ghouls should be dead. Lev does not care about Meg's vault raid, feeling it's a dangerous waste of time. Lev and his crew, including Caleb Fisher and Surge, are forced to be killed as part of this quest.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Cutthroat outfit Random ranged weapon Lou's remote detonator (during From Russia With Lev)

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Notable quotes

  • "Vault is waste of time. I hear talk of gold. Gold is useless. Real value comes from guns, food, ammo, information. I get better offer to ruin your plan."
  • "Oh, you think you intimidate me with big muscles and idle threats? Go on, let me see if you can form coherent question."
  • "Lou? Sad, old, walking corpse. Was easy target. All ghouls should be dead. Got tired of waiting for him to kill himself, took matters into own hands. He had detonator, which was key to your plans. Kill Lou, get paid to ruin plans? Sounds good to me."
  • "Das Vadanya." – (goodbye in Russian)


Lev appears in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wastelanders update.



  1. Vault Dweller: "How did you end up here?"
    Lev: "From Russia, before the war. But I like it here. Americans are so soft. Such easy prey."
    (Lev's dialogue)
  2. Vault Dweller: "Who is Lev, and why would he do this?"
    Lucky Lou: "He's just some Soviet former mobster jagoff. He and his crew joined up with us a while back. You probably saw him hanging around the Crater Core? Liked to think of himself as Meg's number two, but I don't think she thought the same. Dunno why he did what he did. Maybe just hates ghouls. Maybe hates the rest of Meg's gang. Maybe both. I'll 'member to ask him next time he tries to kill me."
    (Lucky Lou's dialogue)
  3. Vault Dweller: "Would she ever work for Lev?"
    Creed: "No way. That creepy old Russian used to make passes at her. It was ugly. Barb always used to complain about him, until I told Meg about it. Meg finally threatened his manhood with a shotgun and told him to step off. He backed down."
    (Creed's dialogue)