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Letter to Jennica is a paper note in Fallout 76.


This note is found on Scott Turner's corpse in his abandoned Bog Town hideout.


If you somehow get this, know how sorry I am. How deeply sorry. I am a monster. It's true.
I did it because I believed in a world where all men and women would be equal. I was trying to make that world come true. At least in Watoga. But if there's no people left alive? That's not the equality I meant. How was I supposed to know the bombs were dropping the very next day?
But that's no excuse. Even if the world hadn't ended, what I did was wrong. I know that now.
I've been stricken with paralysis, I think it's neurological. It happened after a night of ringing in my ears and intense headaches. I can't move my legs. And it's getting harder to breath. But I wanted to write this. In case you came by to check on me. Or to murder me. Either way it doesn't matter much. I've signed all our death warrants.
I'm truly sorry.

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