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Leo Stahl is a citizen of Megaton in 2277.


Leo is the most outspoken of the two Stahl brothers. He is the "people person" of the restaurant and loves to talk to the customers. He spent some time on the caravan lines in his teens and has traveled to a few places around the wasteland. It was during this time that he picked up his addiction to jet, although he has managed to conceal his addiction from everyone in town, including his own brother and sister (although it is obvious that Mister Burke and Colin Moriarty know).[1]

During the day he sells drinks in the Brass Lantern and wanders the town, while at night he satisfies his chem addiction at the water processing plant. Together with his brother Andy Stahl and sister Jenny Stahl, they run the local diner - the Brass Lantern.

Colin Moriarty writes in his personal computer about Leo Stahl: "Never trust a junkie. That's what I've learned trying to deal with this piece of work. He wanders in here higher than a bird in flight and tried to make it with Nova. She slapped him silly after he didn't want to pay, the good girl. I almost kicked him out myself, but he staggered out of here. That guy may just be the straw I need to break Andy's back."

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

Icon quest starter.png
This character starts quests.
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This character is a merchant. Bottle cap 100-200
Sells: drugs
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This character drops an ear upon death (Contract Killer).


  • Leo's Drug Habit: After discovering Leo's drug habit, one has a choice of helping him kick his habit or having him sell them chems. If the Lone Wanderer chooses to help him, he will give them a key to his desk in the water processing plant and ask that they get rid of all of his drugs. Even if they help him, he still stays at his desk in the water processing plant.


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Merc grunt outfit Leo's stash key
Brass Lantern supply key*
* Only if Jenny Stahl is also dead.


  • The player character is given only a single chance to talk to Leo about his drug problem. If they fail to turn him into a chem vendor or convince him to drop his drug habit, he will simply repeat "It's none of your business," and the player character will not be able to complete the associated quest objectives which will remain stuck in their journal.
  • If one confronts him over his addiction while he is still in the water processing plant, they still have the dialogue option of "What are you doing in here?" He will reply the same as before, "Nothing. I'm… I'm not doing anything. Leave me alone," even though he already knows the Lone Wanderer is aware of his habit.
  • Leo is one of the few people that will acknowledge Moriarty's death, saying "Moriarty thought he was [in charge]. Not so much anymore I guess, I am surprised Simms never took care of Moriarty himself."

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Leo Stahl appears only in Fallout 3.


PCPC Playstation 3Playstation 3 Xbox 360Xbox 360 Leo is one of the NPCs who are known to go missing. See Recovering missing NPC in Fallout 3 to learn how to resolve the issue. [verified]