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Even before the bombs, I'm not sure I could have ever repaired my relationship with my family, but I wish I had known how little time we had left.

Leo Petrov is a former security officer and employee of the Nuka-Cola Corporation, as well as a potential lite ally living in Appalachia in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuka-World on Tour update.

He was unlockable upon reaching rank 35 of Nuka-World, the eleventh in-game season. A plan for him was released with the Mutation Invasion update, able to be bought with gold bullion from Samuel.


Little is known about Leo's early life, although it is implied his father used to physically beat him for his misbehavior when he was a child.[1] It is also suggested he has an interest in photography.[2]

Leo Petrov was once a security officer for the Nuka-Cola Corporation.[3] Although he had a house in Washington, D.C., he spent little time there due to his job which required him to move around the country to investigate cases and examine locations such as factories and and offices. His job required him to find corporate spies and shut down internal leaks.[4]

Sometime around the year 2067, he had a son named Roman. He had marriage issues with his wife; the last time they spoke, she decided to end their marriage because she felt like was married to his job. His wife told him that she would take their son away from him and live with her mother. His company benefits provided him and his family with space in a Vault, though he was far from home on the day of the Great War. Leo survived the Great War and began wandering around after the bombs, but would return to Appalachia from time to time.[5] He still does not know what happened to his family.

He arrived again in Appalachia in 2104 when the Nuka-World on Tour traveling carnival was set up.[6] He is passionate about Nuka-Cola, viewing it as the greatest beverage invented.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

Icon interactions essential
This character cannot be killed.
FO76 ui extra team
This character is a C.A.M.P. ally. Their associated workshop object is Leo's desk.
FO76 ui trading team
This character is a vendor.
  • Accepts Bottle cap
  • Sells:
    • Various
Icon interactions other
This character offers miscellaneous services.

Nuka-Inspiration (Limited-time 60m)

Daily buff[]

Other interactions[]


Apparel Weapon Other items

Notable quotes[]


Leo Petrov appears only in Fallout 76, introduced in the Nuka-World on Tour update.

Behind the scenes[]

SkyBox Labs developer Michael Ventura was a writer for Leo.[Non-game 1]



  1. Leo Petrov: "I did not strike or scold my child, I couldn't say the same about my own father... at least there is that."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  2. Leo Petrov: "In another life, I may have taken up photography..."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  3. Vault Dweller: "Yes I have a Nuka Cola. Here."
    Leo Petrov: "Much obliged! And I mean much. Walking around sure works up a thirst. But I'm sure you're wondering why I am here. To be blunt, I believe we can enter a partnership. As a former Security Officer for the Nuka-Cola Corporation, I'm sure you will find me useful."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  4. Vault Dweller: "Where did you live before the bombs?"
    Leo Petrov: "I used to have a house in the capital. Must be long gone now. To be honest, I spent little time there. I'm sure it comes as no surprise to hear Nuka-Cola had enemies. It was my job to shut down internal leaks, catch corporate spies, etcetera. I went where I was needed, inspecting factories and offices across the country. I practically lived on the road, and that left little personal time."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  5. Vault Dweller: "Are you from around here, Leo?"
    Leo Petrov: "No, I'm not. I originally came here on the job. After the bombs, I started wandering around, but I do return to Appalachia from time to time."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  6. 6.0 6.1 Vault Dweller: "Did you hear that Nuka-Cola On Tour is here?"
    Leo Petrov: "Yes, I visited it before coming here. It was a splendid time, despite it not being an official event, that is."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  7. Vault Dweller: "Want to hear how I cured the Scorched Plague with my blood?'"
    Leo Petrov: "And this has something to do with Nuka-Cola? A fascinating tale, I'm sure. Do go on."
    Vault Dweller: "I used the Kanawha Nuka-Cola plant to manufacture a vaccine."
    Leo Petrov: "Well that certainly would not fall within Nuka-Cola's safety standards, but I must admit it is an ingenious way to mass produce a vaccine."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  8. Vault Dweller: "Nuka Cola Scorched"
    Leo Petrov: "Am I to understand this contains your blood? Well, I hope it's mere trace amounts. Despite appearances, I'm a ghoul, not a vampire."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  9. Vault Dweller: "Have you ever heard of Nukashine?"
    Leo Petrov: "Nukashine? That's certainly not an official Nuka-Cola product. What is it? Some sort of local cocktail?"
    Vault Dweller: "It was a heavily alcoholic drink cooked up by some university students at VTU."
    Leo Petrov: "University students had their hands on that? Nuka-Cola was, of course, aware of people's fondness for mixing their product with alcohol. But frankly, this sounds problematic. Not to mention trademark infringement. Back in the day, I would have shut the whole operation down. Wherever did you discover this? I can't imagine it was easy to find."
    Vault Dweller: "I found a speakeasy in Big Al's Tattoo Parlor and a drink testing RoboBrain named 'Biv'."
    Leo Petrov: "A speakeasy in a Tattoo Parlor? How curious! And a RoboBrain made for alcohol testing. In some ways, that is ingenious. Maybe in the future, I'll run into this "Biv". I'm curious what kind of information I could pull from it. But then again, I'm no longer employed."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  10. Vault Dweller: "I have the recipe! Do you want it?"
    Leo Petrov: "I am going to pretend you didn't tell me this. I want nothing to do with your unlicensed Nuka-Cola contraband. Nuka-Cola Dark satisfies me just fine."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  11. Vault Dweller: "Nukashine"
    Leo Petrov: "Dear heavens! An unlicensed Nuka-Cola product? Give it here and I shall *dispose* of it at an appropriate time... Good god, that smell."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)
  12. Vault Dweller: "I found a bunker with plans for Nuka-Cola Quantum power armor paint."
    Leo Petrov: "Really? A part of my investigation was to track down those plans. They were exclusive and meant to be used for upcoming Nuka-Cola events. Just how did you gain access to this... locker?"
    Vault Dweller: "It's kind of complicated. I had to track down all sorts of keys."
    Leo Petrov: "Intriguing. TNT Dome #3 was the only Locker that belonged to Nuka-Cola as far as I knew. I suspect an employee embezzled funds to purchase this locker and then used it to hide valuable and confidential items. In fact, I'm almost certain. In any case, I believe this information wraps up that particular mystery. At, least as far as I am concerned."
    Vault Dweller: "So that's it? Case closed?"
    Leo Petrov: "Yes. In this world, I would guess that is as close to the truth as we can get. I honestly could not have done this without you, friend. Having a cold case over me had really dampened my spirits. This case wouldn't have been anything out of the ordinary if the world didn't end, but the fact is, you solved a mystery I was unable to. For what it's worth, you would have been a great Nuka-Cola security officer. Solving crimes and helping people, well, it suits you."
    (Leo Petrov's dialogue)


  1. Michael Ventura on LinkedIn: "- NPC Companion Development: I developed a prominent NPC companion, crafting dialogue trees with multiple choices and implementing a lite affinity system. I also directed VO sessions and utilized Papyrus scripting to create dynamic conditions. (A fan made a lore video about him: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYPBYF5K3lo)
    - Season 12 Challenge Owner: I led the brainstorming and implementation of new challenges, working closely with engineering to develop unique challenge types and scheduling events for the calendar year.
    - Asset Integration: I have experience integrating a wide range of assets, including apparel, armor, base-building items, base decorations, weapon paints, and more, effectively elevating the overall player experience.
    - General Design Work: Includes but is not limited to ideation, documentation, developing new features, and more."