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This is a choice that can never be undone. So tell me. Do you support the growth and outreach of the Appalachian Brotherhood of Steel, under the command of Paladin Leila Rahmani? Or are you beholden to the fearful and outdated mandates of the Elders, to whom our very own Knight Daniel Shin vows his loyalty?— Rahmani before breaking the radio transmitter

Paladin Leila Rahmani is the leader of the Brotherhood First Expeditionary Force found at Fort Atlas in Appalachia.

Her Brotherhood team was sent on a mission to reestablish contact with Elizabeth Taggerdy's Appalachian Brotherhood, as well as investigate sites of technology throughout the ruins of America and reinforce the Brotherhood's presence on the East Coast. Rahmani's Brotherhood comes from Lost Hills. As her Brotherhood branch is new in Appalachia, she assigns multiple missions to show the organization's goodwill so other factions will cooperate with them.[2]

She is one of the two major Brotherhood leaders of the First Expeditionary Force, the other being Knight Daniel Shin, who now acts as second-in-command after the death of Alan Connors. She enters frequent arguments and disagreements with Shin regarding the Brotherhood's direction.



Pre-War, Rahmani served in the National Guard, with a personal mission to help those that are less fortunate or otherwise cannot help themselves.[3] She was dispatched near Mariposa Military Base at the time of the Great War, learning of the formation of the Brotherhood of Steel, as well as easily transitioning into the group due to her prior military service.[4] Rahmani was close to Alan Connors as a friend; they survived the bombs together and joined the Brotherhood with each other.[5] She had also known Elizabeth Taggerdy since the latter was a lieutenant.[6]

During that time, she earned the characteristics of being a caring, yet bold leader, renowned for decisive action and inventive tactics. Although criticized by leadership, she has managed to attain a highly successful record, as well as being generally approachable by the lower-ranked members. After contact was lost with the Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood, she was granted command of an expedition, consisting of four other members, by the Council of Elders to contact or otherwise find them.[7]

The expedition to Appalachia[]

In 2103, Paladin Rahmani was dispatched from the Lost Hills Brotherhood of Steel to conduct a long-term mission in Appalachia. When contact was lost with the Expeditionary Force after crossing the Rocky Mountains, other officers at Lost Hills began to suspect Rahmani had deserted. Elder Roger Maxson, who considered Rahmani as his friend, refused to entertain the suggestion. In response, Maxson issued a personal plea to Rahmani, imploring her to follow protocol despite any misgivings she had about her mission. Though Rahmani had not always seen eye-to-eye with Maxson, the two were close and he believed she was still loyal to the values of the Brotherhood.[8]

Over the course of their months-long expedition, Rahmani and the rest of the First Expeditionary Force encountered a settlement under threat of raiders who were stealing their supplies. Rahmani decided to stay and fight, while Shin decided to equip them with government-issue weaponry they had found in a bunker which violated the Brotherhood's protocol to safeguard weapons instead of distribute them. However, the weapons proved useless against the raider force when the raiders were able to steal them. The settlement was wiped out and Alan Connors lost his life saving Shin, with only two survivors of the town: Marcia and Maximo Leone. This incident would set off a division between Rahmani and Shin, with Shin wanting himself and Rahmani to stand trial with the Council of Elders.[9] Shin felt heavy guilt for the consequences of his actions, although Rahmani believed he needed to forgive himself as he was ultimately trying to help. Marcia blamed both Rahmani's and Shin's actions for the tragedy, feeling no one should have retaliated against the raiders in the first place.[10] Rahmani herself began to believe that Shin would never forgive her for Connors' death.

While Russell Dorsey was fortifying the ATLAS Observatory, her voice could be heard across the region, becoming more audible with each passing week.[11]

Settling into Fort ATLAS[]

FO76 Atlas arrival

Valdez, Rahmani and Shin arrive at Fort ATLAS

Upon arriving at ATLAS after months of walking, she and her two remaining members, Knight Shin and Scribe Valdez, had encountered and recruited a number of initiates and Brotherhood hopefuls, seeking to officially join the organization. Dorsey was also made into an initiate upon their arrival.[12]

After arrival, Rahmani, Valdez and Shin began to reestablish communication with Lost Hills as ordered. They also took the inoculation against the Scorched, developed by the dwellers of Vault 76.[13] However, over the course of their reinforcing of Fort Atlas and establishing themselves in the region, Shin and Rahmani came into multiple conflicts of personality through various matters, such as the resurgence of government rocket launchers and other weaponry, used in the same incident that Shin believes he and Rahmani should be taken back to Lost Hills and tried for.

Rahmani assigned missions to a Vault Dweller of Vault 76, who was training as an initiate. She assigned them to help resolve a situation where a group of settlers living in The Retreat were being harassed and exploited by a cruel woman named Dagger. She also assigned a mission to recover stolen missile launchers which were taken by Foundation and wished to negotiate a trade deal to get them back.

Breaking the Chain That Binds[]

FO76SD Rahmani breaks the communicator

Rahmani destroys the communicator, preventing contact with the West Coast and angering Shin

During a mission to reestablish contact with the Brotherhood in California by using a long-range transmitter, Rahmani tries to persuade the Vault Dweller to her side, asking them to destroy the transmitter with her to help create a benevolent Brotherhood she strives for, free from the control of the elders. She reveals her intentions of severing ties with the main body of the Brotherhood of Steel and seeking to form her own, independent Appalachian chapter of the Brotherhood of Steel.[14][15] Whether or not the Vault Dweller participates, Rahmani destroys it regardless, angering Shin who no longer deems her part of the Brotherhood. However, before they can continue debating any further, they receive word of a super mutant attack at Fort Atlas, which caused a temporary need of unity from both Rahmani and Shin.[16] Back at the base, Rahmani's actions also shock Valdez, who is annoyed another issue has arisen between Rahmani and Shin. The super mutant attack is dealt with.

The super mutant attacks[]

Nevertheless, by 2104, Rahmani and Shin are still at odds over their Brotherhood's primary mission: Protect the people in Appalachia, or secure all manner of pre-War tech to prevent it from causing another apocalypse like the Great War. They soon discover that the super mutant attack on Fort Atlas was not coincidental. Dr. Edgar Blackburn, one of the people who came to Fort Atlas earlier looking for help from the Brotherhood, only to be turned away by Shin, had been kidnapping people from all over Appalachia to use as test subjects in his research to improve the Forced Evolutionary Virus.

FO76SR Rahmani Aries

Rahmani and Aries exploring the Harpers Ferry tunnel

Rahmani decided to interview the boss of the Blue Ridge Caravan Company, Joanna Mayfield, about the disappearances. After being guided by Aries, Rahmani learns that Blackburn was among several of the Blue Ridge's caravans, especially one that holed up in the Harpers Ferry tunnel due to a radstorm. After Blackburn was captured during his work inside Vault 96, Rahmani and Shin take him to the West Tek research center, where his fellow scientists Farha, Jain and Nellie Wright were putting the final touches on the FEV to release into the water and air, which would lead to more people being turned into super mutants once exposed, a worst-case scenario even worse than Huntersville. In a bid to prove their research is for the betterment of humanity in the wasteland, Blackburn willingly volunteers to be exposed to the virus himself, but a miscalculation or malfunction in the process causes Blackburn to be turned into a violent super mutant behemoth, forcing Rahmani and Shin to kill him.

FO76SR Rahmani dead

Rahmani's body if she is murdered during The Catalyst

After, Shin erupts at Rahmani, scolding her that something like this was just what the elders wanted to prevent: people trying to play God with science. Though Rahmani agrees with him on that, when they confront Blackburn's scientists, they plead for mercy and ask that their lives be spared, considering that their research is invaluable to the wasteland with the loss of schools and universities because of the Great War and the decay that followed. Though Rahmani wants to spare them because of how valuable human life is nowadays, Shin is adamant that they be slain after seeing firsthand just how dangerous their knowledge is should it fall into the wrong hands if they are allowed to live. In the end, the conflict over Blackburn's associates results in Rahmani and Shin parting ways, unable to reach an agreement, with one either being killed or allowed to return to Maxson, while the other takes command of the Brotherhood to lead them on their new duty to Appalachia.


FO76SR Rahmani fire

Rahmani donning T-51b power armor

Rahmani is known for being aggressive and daring,[17] According to Del Lawson, Rahmani once speared a yao guai in the head using her glaive before the rest of her group could process their panic.

Rahmani is altruistic and wishes to assist the wasteland. In contrast to Shin, Rahmani secretly hopes to transform their branch into an independent, altruistic Brotherhood with a higher focus on peacekeeping. For example, instead of merely collecting technology, she wishes to teach people how to use it to better their lives. Rahmani views the control of the Brotherhood's Council of Elders to be a hindrance to her ideals of helping humanity, desiring them to take no part of her branch. Rahmani expresses hesitation to establish contact, as she fears it would result in having their titles stripped and their influence rendered illegitimate, due to a past incident in which many innocent lives were lost.[18] Despite the fact that reestablishing contact was an order in and of itself, Rahmani believes that their Brotherhood force could continue on as a sanctioned offshoot nonetheless, able to spread "authority and goodwill across the nation."[18]

However, Shin believes her kindness can go too far, such as when she breaks the transmitter and when she wants to save Blackburn's scientists from execution. Rahmani is also shown she can be presumptuous and misjudge people's true nature, shown when she accuses of Joanna Mayfield and Aries of scheming, although she does apologize to Aries after.

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

Icon interactions essential
This character cannot be killed. Status expires when The Catalyst begins.
25 Strictly Business
This character is a temporary companion.
FO76 ui icon quest
This character is involved in quests.


  • Field Testing: Paladin Rahmani dispatches the Vault Dwellers on a mission to prove themselves: recruit Marty Putnam or Colin Putnam into the Brotherhood.
  • Disarming Discovery: Paladin Rahmani assigns the player's first mission as an initiate to assist The Retreat with their local problem: A Blood Eagles gang led by Dagger.
  • Property Rights: Paladin Rahmani assigns a mission to recover stolen missile launchers from Crater.
  • Supplying Demands: Paladin Rahmani assigns a mission to make contact with Foundation's Gloria Chance and recover the missiles while negotiating a trade deal.
  • Over and Out: Paladin Rahmani and Knight Shin go on a mission to reestablish contact with the main Brotherhood in Lost Hills.
  • The Best Defense: Paladin Rahmani and the Brotherhood are under attack by super mutants in Fort Atlas. Rahmani intends to take the fight to them, which Shin deems a suicide mission.
  • A Knight's Penance: Paladin Rahmani learns about the growing super mutant threat.
  • Out of the Blue: Paladin Rahmani investigates the missing disappearances with the Vault Dweller and "Aries" and is a temporary follower in the Harpers Ferry tunnel.
  • The Catalyst: Paladin Rahmani becomes involved with the engineer behind the chaos.

Other interactions[]

  • If the player attempts to call her "boss," then she will decline the nickname, telling the Vault Dweller to address her as Paladin Rahmani.
  • If the player enters the Blue Ridge office while wearing power armor during Out of the Blue, Rahmani chastises the Vault Dweller for not exactly being discreet like she said.
  • If the player sides with Shin, Rahmani can be killed in combat by Shin and the Vault Dweller. If she is not attacked, Rahmani mentions how disappointed she is that Shin and their initiate are really going to condone murdering the scientists and that they consider them beyond saving. Shin mentions Rahmani has been exiled from the Brotherhood. Rahmani laments that she is unable to change the Brotherhood after all, saying she will have to start anew somewhere else. Rahmani leaves the room, not wishing to see the executions of the scientists. Unlike in Rahmani's scenario, in which she mentions Shin is going to travel back to California to reunite with the elders, it is not clarified where Rahmani goes in Shin's scenario. She will no longer be found in the game world, however.



  • Rahmani may flirt back at a Vault Dweller regardless of gender, suggesting Rahmani is LGBT+. The same applies to Valdez and Shin.
  • Rahmani carries a war glaive and uses it to destroy the transmitter during the events of Over and Out.
  • Rahmani pronounces Appalachia as "App-uh-LAYTCH-uh," rather than "App-uh-LATCH-uh." The player character can call her out on this, and she responds by recognizing her mistake and expressing hope that the locals will be patient with "us Westerners" as they learn the local vernacular.[19]

Notable quotes[]


Leila Rahmani appears only in Fallout 76. Her voice was first heard in the Brotherhood broadcast, introduced in The Legendary Run, and she made her first full appearance in the Steel Dawn update. Her character was additionally expanded upon in the Steel Reign update.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Leila is an Arabic and Persian name meaning "night" or "dark" and the name is often given to girls born during the night. Rahmani means "descendant of the gracious one" in Arabic.
  • During the Steel Reign quest Out of the Blue, Rahmani will say "Be salâmati!" (به سلامتی) during a toast to Knight Connors. This is a Persian expression meaning "to health" and is equivalent to "Cheers!" in English.
  • Bethesda revealed that the majority of players side with Rahmani over Shin, showing results where 82% of players chose Rahmani and 18% chose Shin.[Non-game 1]




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