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This is a transcript for dialogue with Dead Sea.


GREETING GREETING Disgust 25 The {cutting} "great" republic couldn't find enough soliders to liberate this camp, so they sent {emph} you? Pathetic. 1
GREETING Neutral 50 {AH-way} Ave. Why have you come to Nelson? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 {annoyed} What is it this time? 3
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Ave. You have done a great service to Caesar. Do so again, but elsewhere. 5
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic001 What's the situation here? Neutral 50 {disciplined} My orders are to hold Nelson. So far the enemy north of here has been too frightened to move against us. Why should it concern you? 6
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic002 I was in the area, that's all. Neutral 50 Not all of us have the luxury of coming and going as we please. Here, we stay put. {slightly snide} 7
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic003 How can I help break the stalemate? Anger 10 {irked} What stalemate? It is Caesar's will that I hold this position - that I {emph} not advance. 8
Neutral 50 {challenging} If you're so eager to see Camp Forlorn Hope fall, why don't you go attack it all by yourself? Well? 9
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic004 I'll be on my way. Neutral 50 You have license to go where you please, at my will. {dismissed} True to Caesar. 10
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic005 Why haven't you attacked the enemy? Anger 50 I {stress} have attacked the enemy. I led the assault on Nelson with two contubernia against twice our number. {offended} 11
Anger 50 It is Caesar's wish that we {emph} hold this position. Our mere presence this side of the Colorado humiliates and demoralizes the enemy. {justifying yourself} 12
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic007 You're demoralizing the enemy by leaving them alone? Anger 80 I do not question Caesar's will! I do not second-guess! {angry} 13
Anger 50 I butchered this town. Those who weren't hacked limb from limb were forced to throw themselves from the cliffs. Three more, I have just crucified. {still on a roll} 14
Anger 30 All this, in full view of the enemy's spotters to the north. Yes, our presence here demoralizes the enemy. {satisfied} 15
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic014 Sounds like fun. I'll be right back. Neutral 50 {doubting the player will attack the enemy, and if so, that he will survive} That remains to be seen. 16
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic015 No offense intended. Carry on. Anger 35 You are not my Centurion! You aren't even Legion! I do not "carry on" at your command. {offended by presumption of authority} 17
Anger 15 {with contempt - "goodbye"} True to Caesar. 18
No offense intended. Carry on. Anger 35 Even if you {emph.} are Legion, you are not my Centurion! I do not "carry on" at your command. 19
Anger 15 {with contempt - "goodbye"} True to Caesar. 20
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic016 I'll be on my way. Neutral 50 True to Caesar. 21
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic017 Goodbye. Neutral 50 True to Caesar. 22
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic018 I'm going to kill everyone at Camp Forlorn Hope. Neutral 50 A vow without action is breath across the lips, nothing more. True to Caesar. 23
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic020 I've slaughtered the enemy at Camp Forlorn Hope. Neutral 50 A glorious victory. You must be very {gritting your teeth} satisfied. {begrudging the player's success - you wish the glory was yours} 24
Neutral 50 I'll send word of your achievement. Perhaps {kai-zar} Caesar will see fit to send another contubernium to occupy the Camp. {wishing the triumph were yours} 25
Neutral 50 Here - take this, my blade. It was a gift from my Centurion upon the defeat of the Sun Dog tribe. 26
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic023 Nothing new to report, actually. Neutral 50 Then there's nothing for us to talk about. {dismissed} True to Caesar. 27
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic025 I'll carry your blade with honor. Neutral 50 {What's done is done} True to {KAI-zar} Caesar. {Humiliated by the player's triumph, you give up your cherished blade to your rival to force yourself to distinguish yourself later.} 28
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic026 Why would I want a piece of shit machete? Neutral 50 That blade has split the heads of... {collecting yourself} The only reason I give it to you is to force myself to earn another. True to Caesar. {Voice trembling with rage} 29
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic027 You earned your blade. Keep it. Neutral 50 You don't understand. I'll have to distinguish myself in battle to earn another. {irritated} True to Caesar. 30
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic028 Who are you? Pained 5 I am a loyal servant of Caesar, and I thank my good fortune for the day that he plucked me as a babe from the shore of the Great Salt Lake. 31
Pained 5 For five years I have had the privilege of serving as a Decanus. If fortune continues to smile upon me, I will serve him until I draw my last breath. 32
Anger 5 I hope that satisfies your curiosity about me, because I won't waste any more of Caesar's time talking about myself. 33
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic029 What are you going to do about it? Anger 25 I'll execute Caesar's will by hurling your corpse into the Colorado - like the other Profligates before you! 34
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic030 Who are you? Anger 5 I am Dead Sea, Decanus of the Legion by the grace of Caesar, not that {emph} you're in any position to ask questions. 35
VDeadSeaLegionaryDeadSeaTopic031 Let's see who's pathetic. Neutral 50 {menacing} True to Caesar. 36