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The Legion recruit armor and the recruit helmet are a Caesar's Legion armor set in Fallout: New Vegas.


Legion recruit armor is a common light armor, supplied to recruit legionaries and to recruit decanus units. Like most Legion armor, it is made from repurposed sports equipment, consisting of a football player's protective shoulder and chest pads reinforced with additional leather padding and worn over a baseball catcher's vest. It weighs 12 pounds and has a Damage Threshold of 6.

The recruit helmet is a brown leather cap worn with black protective goggles and the lower face is wrapped with a black and white paisley bandanna.


  • Two dead recruit legionaries lie on the road between Nelson and Novac, which can be looted for their armor.
  • Can be looted from any dead Legion recruit. Also, at legionary camps, they can be looted from the footlockers near their beds in the tents.
  • Can be obtained from a corpse in a house in Nipton or from an ash pile in the nearby trailer park. The corpse in the Nipton House is surrounded by several traps including frag mines, a rigged shotgun, and a cage of bark scorpions which is activated either by picking the lock on the cage or by a pressure plate leading to one of the bedrooms.
  • The helmet is mostly found with the Legion recruit armor.


  • This armor has a relatively good weight-to-value ratio, allowing the Courier to quickly earn caps by repairing and selling them.
  • This armor is the most common type of Legion armor.
  • With the Jury Rigging perk, this armor can be used to repair most other light armors.
  • Wearing the helmet does not count as faction armor.