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Legion Aureus is a type of currency in Fallout: New Vegas.


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Caesar's Legion uses two forms of currency which were also used in Roman times. They are minted by the Legion from scavenged silver and gold, with each coin bearing the profile of Caesar.[Non-game 1]

Despite Caesar's poor relations with the other factions in New Vegas, Legion currency is still accepted as payment in the Mojave Wasteland, owing to the high level of trade with the Legion and the safety of its territory for caravans.[1][2] The exchange rate is 4 bottle caps to 1 denarius, and 100 bottle caps to 1 aureus.


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The aureus (gold), which bears the portrait of the older Caesar on one side and the symbol of the 10th Legion (the bull) on the other. The inscriptions are in Latin, "Aeternit Imperi" meaning "For the eternity of the empire" on the front and "Pax Per Bellum" meaning "Peace through War" on the back.


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Non-currency versions of Legion Aureus exist within the game files of Fallout: New Vegas, but were not included in the final game. These versions are identical to the standard currency, but their trade value is affected by the Courier's Barter skill.

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The Legion Aureus is the rarest form of currency in the Mojave Wasteland, and can only be found in a limited number of locations.


  • Dropping a stack of 33,000 or more Legion Aureus breaks the game's 16-bit (4-hex) string used to store a number of items. This results in a stack of -32,000 Legion Aureus which will disappear from the player character's inventory when picked up.
  • The Aureus is one of two forms of currency used by Caesar's Legion, the other being the Legion Denarius. Of the two, the Aureus is both the most valuable and the least commonly found.
  • As with any form of currency in Fallout: New Vegas, Legion Aureus is not affected by the player character's Barter skill. The currency will always be valued at 100 caps, regardless of whether the player character is buying or selling.
  • Like the Legion Denarius, it does not show up when the items are sorted into item type on the container menu. It only shows up when the items are sorted back alphabetically on the container menu.

Behind the scenes

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  • Both the denarius and aureus were forms of Roman currency used during the time of the Roman Empire, with the aureus being valued at 25 silver denarii.
  • When post-endgame play for Fallout: New Vegas was being considered, J.E. Sawyer intended for the Legion to mint a commemorative double aureus featuring a depiction of a conquered General Lee Oliver on the front and a symbolism for the Courier. The idea for the coin is inspired by the Vercingetorix denarii minted by Julius Caesar after his victory over the Gauls.



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  2. Rose of Sharon Cassidy: "Some caravans deal with the Legion now because the security. If towns could get the same protection? A lot more tempting than you'd think. Bunch of people would be willing to side with the Legion to not have to worry about Fiends and Boomers and Powder Ganger attacks."
    (Rose of Sharon Cassidy's dialogue)


  1. Joshua Sawyer on Something Awful Forums: "Gold and silver have low melting points. They don't need to mine for it if they find it in some other form."