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Head to Train Stations to turn your unwanted Legendary items into Legendary Scrip, which can be traded to The Purveyor, [...]Fallout 76: Wild Appalachia Patch Notes; May 7, 2019

The Legendary exchange machine is a world object in Fallout 76, introduced in the Wild Appalachia update.


Legendary exchange machines are currency converters, accepting any Legendary item in exchange for a sum of FO76 Legendary scrip Legendary scrips according to the number of Legendary mods attached to the item (represented by ★ stars). The exchange machines can dispense up to 500 non-tradeable Legendary scrips per player character per day, across all machines and across all game servers. The machine's daily budget resets at 17:00 UTC each day. Although the player may buy back items while making a transaction, all sales are considered final after leaving the interface and the traded items will no longer be able to be recovered.

Exchange rate FO76 Legendary scrip
Type ★★ ★★★
Weapon 5 15 40
Armor 3 9 24
Power Armor 10 20 45


In addition to the interiors of the Rusty Pick and the Whitespring Resort, legendary exchange machines are found at any train station across Appalachia as well as the trading post area near the center of Nuka-World on Tour.

Nuka-World on Tour (trading post)
The Rusty Pick (interior)
The Whitespring Resort (Artisan's Corner, interior)
Berkeley Springs Station Charleston Station Grafton Station
Lewisburg Station Morgantown Station Pleasant Valley Station
R&G Station Sunnytop Station Sutton Station
Watoga Station Welch Station The Whitespring Station


  • The quantity of Legendary scrip exchanged per item is solely based off the number of stars attributed to the item. The value is not impacted by item level, repair condition or any attached modifications.
  • There is a maximum of 6,000 Legendary scrip per character. The ability to exchange is not restricted by the player having the maximum quantity.
  • Legendary items equipped with an Atomic Shop skin or paintjob will not display in the trade menu and thus cannot be scrapped by the Legendary exchange machine. Replacing the skin with the default allows it to be scrapped again.
  • Only one player may trade with a specific exchange machine at any given time.
  • The machine appears to be a retrofitted juke box sound system with a car engine acting as a generator, a slot machine icon motor on the right side of the machine, and portions of marquee signs spelling the word "Legendary". When exiting the machine, the tailpipe backfires.


Location Form ID
The Rusty Pick 0059C89F
Berkeley Springs Station 004244BE
Charleston Station 004244C5
Grafton Station 004244C6
Lewisburg Station 004244BC
Morgantown Station 004244C4
Pleasant Valley Station 004244C3
R&G Station 004244C1
Sunnytop Station 004244C2
Sutton Station 004244C0
Watoga Station 004244BF
Welch Station 004244BD
The Whitespring Station 004244C7
Unused 0041F7FD

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