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For other characters named Lee in the Fallout series, see Lee.
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Lee Jenkins was a Brotherhood of Steel paladin who took part in a mission assigned by Elder Francis.


Jenkins was a Brotherhood of Steel paladin taking part in a mission working with the Guardian Brotherhood. The mission's primary goal consisted of finding out if there truly is a tunnel entrance to The Glow, but also aimed to keep the Brotherhood connected with the outside world.

Jenkins was the squad's perennial point man, he doubted Scribe Miller's abilities in combat and was quick to fire verbal snipes and push him around. Jenkins was later asked to scout ahead for cave openings and he used the tension between himself and Miller to acquire the latter's hardened power armor.

Jenkins went ahead and found a cave in the cliffside and warily approached. To his surprise, a giant creature scuttled out; it was a mutant mantis shrimp, Jenkins attempted to take it on armed with a Ripper, but it propelled a punch at sonic speed into him, splitting his power armor. Miller pulled him to safety and after a few tense moments, Jenkins let out a groan. He did not appear to be in a critical state but it is unknown if he ultimately survived.[1]


Jenkins is mentioned only in the short story "On the Beach", published in The Armageddon Rag, Vol. 3.


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