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Leather armor is a multi-piece set of armor in Fallout 4.


Leather armor consists of five separate pieces - the chest, both arms and both legs. Like with all other armor pieces, each can be worn over clothing to combine the stat bonuses, however certain outfits may occupy some or all of the armor slots - for instance, the red dress occupies legs and torso slots.

This armor set is fashioned out of belts, straps, braces and pads. Like with other armor sets, various mods can change the look of the armor pieces (for instance the shadowed leather mod dyes the armor black).

There are three variants of leather armor: normal, sturdy and heavy.

Leather armor offers the best Energy Resistance at the cost of inferior Damage Resistance and Radiation Resistance. It is part of a family of specialized armor sets, with the other three members being metal armor which focuses on mitigating ballistic damage over energy damage, combat armor as the most balanced form of protection in the Commonwealth and robot armor, added with the Automatron add-on.


In the Contraptions Workshop add-on, leather armor can be crafted at an armor forge:

Steel (3)
Light leather armor (1)
Steel (4)
Armorer Rank: 2
Sturdy leather armor (1)
Leather (10)
Steel (5)
Armorer Rank: 4
Heavy leather armor (1)
* The armor part generated (i.e. arm, leg, chest) is randomized.



Image Name Weight Damage Resistance Damage resistance Energy Resistance Energy Value Form ID
Leather chest piece.png Leather chest piece 5 3 10 25 0007B9C6
Leather right leg.png Leather right leg 2 2 5 10 0007B9C5
Leather left leg.png Leather left leg 2 2 5 10 0007B9C4
Leather right arm.png Leather right arm 2 1 3 8 0007B9C3
Leather left arm.png Leather left arm 2 1 3 8 0007B9C7
Total 13 9 26 61


Image Name Weight Damage Resistance Damage resistance Energy Resistance Energy Value Form ID
Leather chest piece.png Sturdy leather chest piece 9.9 14 23 50 0007B9C6
Leather right leg.png Sturdy leather right leg 4.6 7 13 20 0007B9C5
Leather left leg.png Sturdy leather left leg 4.6 7 13 20 0007B9C4
Leather right arm.png Sturdy leather right arm 4.6 6 11 18 0007B9C3
Leather left arm.png Sturdy leather left arm 4.6 6 11 18 0007B9C7
Total 28.3 40 71 126


Image Name Weight Damage Resistance Damage resistance Energy Resistance Energy Value Form ID
Leather chest piece.png Heavy leather chest piece 14.8 24 36 75 00182EA9
Leather right leg.png Heavy leather right leg 7.2 11 18 30 00182EA6
Leather left leg.png Heavy leather left leg 7.2 11 18 30 00182EA3
Leather right arm.png Heavy leather right arm 7.2 11 18 28 00182EA0
Leather left arm.png Heavy leather left arm 7.2 11 18 28 00182E9D
Total 43.6 68 108 191


Like other forms of moddable armor, leather armor takes different appearance when modded. Standard leather armor is sewn of brown leather. Boiled leather takes a darker, gray-blue matte color. Girded variant looks like being made of several smaller, thicker pieces, sewn together with leather thongs. Treated mod takes on a warm, reddish-brown color with glossy sheen of oiled leather. Shadowed armor is of dark gray hue with a slight shine. Finally, studded leather takes the appearance of the basic variant with added metal rivets and a combination of washers, screws and wingnuts.


  • The Sole Survivor wears a leather chest piece (0022da5a) and a sturdy leather right arm (0007b9c3) in the Fallout 4 trailer.
  • The slide for leather armor features a character wearing a mixed suit of leather armor over a vault suit, and a pair of welding goggles. The leather pieces are: sturdy chest piece, heavy left arm, sturdy right arm, light left leg and heavy right leg.


  • PCPC Playstation 4Playstation 4 Sometimes one of the pieces will take on a silvery shine when using the Girded mod. [verified]
  • PCPC The standard chest piece will not show Creation Club paint jobs when equipped on female characters.[verification overdue]