Learning Curve is a Brotherhood of Steel radiant quest in Fallout 4. It behaves as a quest chain with multiple locations being targeted.

Quick walkthroughEdit

Brotherhood of Steel radiant quest: Learning Curve
Accept a patrol from Proctor Quinlan on the Prydwen main deck.
Speak to the scribe companion at the Boston Airport.
Travel to the assigned area.
Escort the scribe to the marked terminal.
Report back to Proctor Quinlan.
Reward: 300+ XP
~100 caps

Detailed walkthroughEdit

After receiving this quest from Proctor Quinlan, the Sole Survivor must go to Boston Airport to meet the scribe they are meant to escort. The scribe must be escorted to the nominated area so they can access the terminal needed.

The potential locations where the scribe may need to be escorted are described below.

Boston mayoral shelterEdit

The shelter is west of Fort Hagen, there's a terminal in the raised office outside that can unlock the door. Once inside there's a laser turret behind the security gate and two more near the terminal.

Poseidon reservoirEdit

The reservoir is on the west side, south of Fort Hagen and north of Natick. The terminal needed is just inside and to the right of the door.

Gunners plazaEdit

South of Milton General Hospital and west of Hyde Park. This location functions as the Gunners HQ. Either fight through the front door or use the side stairway to enter via the roof. Then head to the other side of the entry hall, go around the divider and take the right hall at the split, go into the first room, up the stairs and through the door in the corner. The terminal is in the corner of the room.

South Boston military checkpointEdit

Located west of the Castle and east of Big John's Salvage. The terminal is in the west building. The building has a suit of power armor locked by an Expert terminal behind it.

Corvega assembly plantEdit

The terminal is at the lowest level where the feral ghouls are getting in. The fastest way to get to it is actually to go in the back entrance. Go the the factory and to the ramp just east of the ground floor entrance, go straight over the railing in front of the ramp and walk backwards, the sewer entrance should be right there. The terminal is a short distance forward.

USAF Satellite Station OliviaEdit

Located between Sanctuary and Tenpines Bluff and north of Thicket Excavations. Take out any raiders if present, go into the bunker and head down the stairs and to the left. Look out for a laser trap with a Tesla arc on the ceiling past the door frame by the exit sign at the bottom of the staircase. Continue straight to reach a larger room with a column in the middle of it. Go to the right, follow the hall down the stairs and turn right at the first door. The terminal is in this room, as well as a fusion core to the left of the terminal.

After the scribe has been successfully escorted to the relevant terminal, return to the Prydwen and collect the reward.

Quest stagesEdit

StageStatusDescriptionLog Entry
30 Speak to the Brotherhood ScribeI spoke to Proctor Quinlan and agreed to escort a Brotherhood Scribe on a research patrol. I was told to meet the Scribe at the airport where he'll give me further details on the mission location.
40 Escort the Scribe to the data at (location)The Brotherhood Scribe has given me the mission location. I need to keep him alive, and find the terminal that contains the data he needs.
50 Protect the Brotherhood ScribeI was able to locate the data, so the Scribe has begun his extraction. I need to keep him alive while he works.
60 Return to Proctor QuinlanThe Scribe has finished collecting the data. I still need to look out for her as we return to Proctor Quinlan on the Prydwen. If she dies, the data will be lost, and the mission would be a failure.
70Icon checkQuest complete
355Icon crossQuest failed


  • If this quest leads the scribe to a terminal with an available database entry, the entry will change after the scribe accesses it. Instead of saying "Database Network Status: Offline," the menu option will read, in part, "For your safety, this database is now property of the Brotherhood of Steel. - Ad victoriam"
  • The scribe takes damage from radiation exposure and power armor landing.
  • One may collect the reward and repeat the mission even if the scribe dies.
  • If the Sole Survivor boards a vertibird, the scribe will run after it. They may subsequently run into the direction of enemies and die.
  • The scribe will also be killed by tamed animals at a settlement.
  • The scribes are very prone to getting themselves killed. Scribes may rush into combat against large enemy groups, trigger floor-based traps, and even refuse to move out of high radiation areas.


  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone The scribe may not interact with the terminal when one brings them to it. This can be fixed a number of ways:[verified]
    • Exit the bunker and enter it again.
    • Reverting to a previous save before entering the shelter.
    • Leave, wait three to four days, and return.
    • PCIcon pc Bring up the console, target the scribe, type disable, then enable.
    • PCIcon pc Bring up the console, type setstage BoSR04 50, then setstage BoSR04 60.
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone If the scribe dies, the player will be asked to return to Proctor Quinlan, but the quest will be marked as completed instead of failed.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Proctor Quinlan's dialogue is blank, making it impossible to start the quest.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Any sentry bot hacked and given command to follow will treat the scribe as a hostile target.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Protectrons on board of the USS Constitution may treat the scribe as a hostile target.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc The scribe could die and the quest not update. If this happens one can use the console command setstage BoSR04 60.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone If Idiot Savant procs when turning in the quest, the player will sometimes not get the 3x or 5x XP multiplier.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Xbox OneIcon xboxone Sometimes when fast-traveling, the scribe may spawn in the air and die when they impact on the ground. A way to prevent this from occurring is to use a Vertibird instead of fast-traveling.[verified]
  • PCIcon pc Playstation 4Icon ps4 Xbox OneIcon xboxone The scribe may fail to follow the Sole Survivor into a new area if the player character boards an elevator without them. This can be troublesome since the scribe does not typically follow the player closely enough to board the elevator along with the player character.[verified]
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