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Hunt wolf packs in the forest.

Event: Leader of the Pack is an event in Fallout 76.

Quick walkthrough

Event Quest: Leader of the Pack
Enter the Forest region near Tyler County Fairgrounds.
Eliminate three wolf pack leaders.
Reward: 30 caps, 250 XP

Detailed walkthrough

The event will be randomly activated by the server. To join the event, either fast-travel to the marker or enter the Forest near Tyler County Fairgrounds. After listening to Melody Larkin, three quest markers designating the three wolf packs will appear. Each pack can spawn in one of three predesignated areas. Each wolf pack consists of three or four vicious wolves led by a one-star legendary wolf pack leader. Note that only the wolf pack leaders need to be killed to advance the event. The packs can spawn near Aaronholt homestead, Tyler County Fairgrounds, or Transmission station 1AT-U03.

Once all three wolf pack leaders have been eliminated, the event will complete and Event: Wolf Horde: The Forest will automatically begin to track down the alpha wolf.

Quest stages

Quest stages
DescriptionLog Entry
Kill the First Wolf Pack Leader.A Responders alert warned us that packs of wolves have been spotted in the forest. If we can eliminate the wolf pack leaders, we can draw out the alpha wolf.
Kill the Second Wolf Pack Leader.
Kill the Third Wolf Pack Leader.
We hunted down and eliminated the packs of wolves that were threatening the forest. Now we can confront the alpha wolf.
We failed to eliminate the packs of wolves that were threatening the forest.


All three pack leaders spawn as 1-star legendary enemies, making this event very useful if hunting legendaries.


Each wolf pack leader will drop a 1-star legendary item.


PCPC On occasion, the following quest (Event: Wolf Horde: The Forest) will not start, even if Leader of the Pack is completed successfully.[verified]