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Leader's journal is a paper note in Fallout 76, introduced in the Skyline Valley update.


The note can be found at High Knob Lookout, at the top of the tower, on a table in the corner.



Day 1 - New land!
I can't believe we've never tried to come down here before. There's a lookout on a hill that would make a great base! Loads of space to take over.

Day 2 - New prey!
Scouts saw a guy just waltzing into our tower like he owned the place, (maybe he does but not for long) HA! If it's just the one guy I might give em a fighting chance. Give him some time to hide before I send my guys down there to take over.

Day 3 - Dead meat!
We found that sucker up in the tower, the guys caught him off guard recordin somethin and gave em a few new holes before I got there. We might not have got much entertainment from him, but we could've got some info. He was a Ghoul, but had a Vault 63 jumpsuit. Never seen that before. We could've got him to tell us what was in there.