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For an overview of lead pipe models, see Lead pipe.


The lead pipe is a melee weapon in Fallout 4.

Characteristics[edit | edit source]

A small section of lead pipe with nuts and bolts attached. It has a medium swing speed and low damage, being a one-handed melee weapon. It is swung downward followed by a horizontal swing. Its power attack is a heavy downward strike.

Weapon modifications[edit | edit source]

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per hit change Weight change Weapon value change in caps Perk needed Components Base ID
Body No upgrade
Spiked Armor piercing. Better damage. Spiked +3 +0.5 +4 Adhesive x1
Screw x3
Heavy Chance to cripple. Extra limb damage. Superior damage. Heavy +13 +2.2 +11 Blacksmith 2 Adhesive x1
Concrete x2
Steel x1

Locations[edit | edit source]

Five fixed lead pipes can be found in the game:

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