Lead is a miscellaneous item in Fallout: New Vegas.


Lead is a component used to make all types of conventional ammunition except for 12 gauge coin shot, which requires Legion Denarius instead.


Repair: 10
Lead (200)


Lead may be obtained by disassembling ammunition or converting scrap metal at a reloading bench, with different rounds yielding differing amounts of lead. One piece of scrap metal yields 200 lead.


  • Both the image and the in-game model used for lead look exactly like the ones used for scrap metal.
  • Even though lead has its weight stat showing "0.00," it is simply a weight that falls in the thousandths (items that are actually weightless have a weight display of "--"). Each piece of lead has a weight of about 0.0013999904 pounds. To put it in perspective, every 714.5 units of lead is equal to a full pound of encumbrance. It's trivial to obtain tens of thousands of units, making the total weight non-trivial, and have no idea of the source of that portion of the player character's encumbrance unless aware of this "hidden" weight. A later update changed the weight value to display the aggregate total, not the individual amount, making it much easier to see the total weight of the lead.
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