The last presidential cabinet of the United States was the presidential cabinet of the Last President of the United States before the Great War of 2077.


After his election, the final president assembled his cabinet to run the United States. It is unknown to what extent the cabinet was involved in the Enclave, as while the president and Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart were leading members of the Enclave not much is known about the rest of the cabinet.

In March of 2077 the president disappeared from the publics eye, going to Control Station ENCLAVE. While the president went into hiding, it appears that his cabinet remained in Washington, as a Cabinet Nuclear Alarm system was set up in case of a required evacuation from a nuclear war.

When the early warning systems activated on October 23rd, 2077, as Enclave and regular government officials alike scrambled for shelter from the coming nuclear war, only a select few members of the cabinet made it to safety, with the unnamed Secretaries of the Interior (who died upon arrival[1]) and Treasury going to join Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart at the Whitespring bunker, while the president remained on the Enclave oil rig. The rest never made it, with the Speaker of the House, Attorney General, as well as the Secretaries of Commerce and Defense being left to fend for themselves, having been removed from the Cabinet Nuclear Alarm system in questionable circumstances.[2]

However, making it safely to a fallout shelter didn't guarantee survival, as the Secretary of Treasury soon found out. Having made it to the Whitespring bunker, Thomas Eckhart, wanting to solidify his grip on power within the Enclave and continue the Sino-American War, isolated the Secretary and then informed the rest of the Bunker's occupants of their death from "radiation poisoning." Eckhart then announced that contact had been lost with Raven Rock and the president at Control Station ENCLAVE, declaring himself as the new leader of their "little enclave", as per pre-War rules of succession.


  • Unnamed vice president
  • Unnamed Attorney General
  • Unnamed Speaker of the House
  • Thomas Eckhart - Secretary of Agriculture
  • Unnamed Secretary of Commerce
  • Unnamed Secretary of Defense
  • Unnamed Secretary of the Interior
  • Final Secretary of the Treasury
  • Unnamed Department of Transportation commissioner[3]


The cabinet and its members are only mentioned in Fallout 76.


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