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Last of the Thunder is a paper note in Fallout 76.


The note can be found on a table in a bedroom on the fourth floor of Fort Defiance.


Had the senior staff meeting today. I guess we should still call it that. Tex, Wilson, and I. All that's left. So many empty bunks. Through Tadderdy'sIn-game spelling laser grid I can just make out that old squad photo.

Weber? Went on patrol and never came back. De Silva checked out in Huntersville. Taggerdy and Moreno MIA after Operation Touchdown. It took three Scorchbeasts to take down Esposito.

So the Thunder's just Wilson and I. Soon there won't even be that.


Initially, Taggerdy's Thunder had only six members, all of whom are accounted for in the note. However, before transitioning to the Brotherhood of Steel, new recruits were adopted as part of Taggerdy's Thunder,[1] and Scribe Grant was among the earliest Thunder recruits of all.[2]

The author of this note participated in the senior staff meeting of the day and states that the meeting consisted of Tex Rogers, Ted Wilson, and the unknown author. According to personnel records at Fort Defiance, Ted Wilson is the CO (Commanding Officer) while Scribe Grant is the XO (second-in-command).[3] Because Ted Wilson and Scribe Grant are senior staff, and Scribe Grant is the only member of the senior staff not accounted for in this note, the note was likely written by Scribe Grant, the last surviving member of Taggerdy's Thunder at Fort Defiance.[4] No other surviving member is unaccounted for and meets all of the criteria outlined in the note.