Last day of school is a holotape in Fallout 76.


The holotape is found in Vault-Tec University, on a table in Room 204 (on the second floor).



Trisha Miller: Turned down by a potential boss once again. If you'd told me when I first got here that I would be anything other than the Overseer of a control vault, I wouldn't have believed you. Now that I'm here I'm a little more realistic about things. The Overseer at Vault 96, one of the hottest postings outside of 76, wouldn't even give me the time of day. The man sent me a form letter as a rejection for god's sake. At this rate, I'm going to end up shipped out to the west coast to work as a janitor in 29 with a bunch of obnoxious rich teenagers or something.

It's pretty clear to me now that Vault Tec is a hive of nepotism and ass-kissing. You can't get ahead unless you attend every lecture and write every paper - there's no respect for passion! Some of these kids, they just don't understand what Vault-Tec means! Meanwhile, I have to take my third run at a senior thesis. Should be entertaining to get rejected by Dean Elliot again. Anyways, cash is tight so I'm gonna take part in hopefully my last thesis project in the sim vault. This kid seems fine and his experiment is about food, so I get to eat well at least.

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