Laser Commander is a perk in Fallout: New Vegas and Fallout 2d20.


Fallout: New Vegas

You do plus 15% damage and have plus 10% chance to critically hit with any laser weapon. With this perk and other abilities or items the maximum potential critical chances are 57% (x1.0 multiplier weapons), 76% (x1.5 multiplier weapons), 95% (AER14 prototype), 100% (Pew Pew). See Critical chance for more information.

Much like Light Touch, this perk's critical chance bonus is a flat modifier. It will not be affected by your weapon's critical chance modifier. After your normal critical hit chance is calculated, Laser Commander will add a flat 10% increase. This makes it especially useful on energy weapons with a low critical chance and high rate of fire, such as gatling lasers, laser RCW, and the MF Hyperbreeder.

Affected weapons

Fallout 2d20

When making an attack with a ranged energy weapon, the damage is increased by +1d6 per rank in this perk. Each time this perk is taken, the level requirement increases by 4

Level requirements

Rank Level req. Bonus damage
1 Level +2 1d6
2 Level at rank 1 + 4 2d6


  • The original Fallout: New Vegas icon shows Vault Boy having two left hands, this continues with the Fallout 2d20 version.
  • Though they do not shoot lasers, this perk affects the pulse gun, LAER, sonic emitter and Compliance Regulator.
  • The pulse gun's bonus EMP damage against robots and power armor is not affected by this perk.
  • Although they shoot laser like projectiles, the recharger rifle and recharger pistol do not benefit from this perk. The MF Hyperbreeder Alpha (GRA) is affected, however.
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