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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lars Taggart.

Topics Edit

GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Now that McNamara's lifted that silly lockdown of his, perhaps people around here will come to appreciate our training simulations. 1
Neutral 50 Perhaps there will be a renewed interest in them as people realize just how close to reality they are... but I digress. What did you want? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Now that Hardin's Elder, I hope I'll be allowed to continue my experiments. I never quite liked the way he looked at me during meetings. 3
Neutral 50 Like he wanted to use me for target practice. The man just has no respect for science! But enough of this. What did you want? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? What is it? 5
HVTaggartAskAboutSim Did you make the training VR yourself? Neutral 50 Not far from it. When we reclaimed this bunker, I found a number of VR tapes. Most were corrupted, but a few programs still ran. 6
Neutral 50 Using those as my foundation, I was able to code the training VR, as well as other applications. 7
HVTaggartVR Do all of the brothers use this equipment? Neutral 50 Everyone in the base has to spend a minimum of five hours a week running tactical simulations, but outside that, interest is scarce. 8
Neutral 50 It wasn't always this way. When we first moved into the bunker, everyone was so excited that the VR systems were intact. 9
Neutral 50 Over time, though, my fellows have become listless and less entertained by the wonders of the technology around us. 10
Neutral 50 That's why Apprentice Watkins is such a joy to work with. Her unbridled enthusiasm for virtual combat is unparalleled. 11
HVTaggartWhoAreYou And you are? Neutral 50 Ah, the outsider. I suppose it's too much to ask that jarhead Ramos to keep outsiders away from my research. 12
Neutral 50 I am Head Scribe Taggart, and I am much too busy to deal with the likes of you right now. 13

Conversation Edit

HVTaggartVeronica01 HVTaggartVeronica01 Neutral 50 Y-Yes. Well, it's, ah, nice to see you, too, Veronica.{it's not} 14
HVTaggartVeronica01 Neutral 50 Hmph. 15
HVTaggartVeronica02 HVTaggartVeronica02 Neutral 50 Well, I {slightly stressed} have been working with some UV lights in the pods. 16
HVTaggartVeronica02 Neutral 50 Very funny, Veronica. 17
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