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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lars Taggart.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Now that McNamara's lifted that silly lockdown of his, perhaps people around here will come to appreciate our training simulations. 1
Neutral 50 Perhaps there will be a renewed interest in them as people realize just how close to reality they are... but I digress. What did you want? 2
GREETING Neutral 50 Now that Hardin's Elder, I hope I'll be allowed to continue my experiments. I never quite liked the way he looked at me during meetings. 3
Neutral 50 Like he wanted to use me for target practice. The man just has no respect for science! But enough of this. What did you want? 4
GREETING Neutral 50 Yes? What is it? 5
HVTaggartAskAboutSim Did you make the training VR yourself? Neutral 50 Not far from it. When we reclaimed this bunker, I found a number of VR tapes. Most were corrupted, but a few programs still ran. 6
Neutral 50 Using those as my foundation, I was able to code the training VR, as well as other applications. 7
HVTaggartVR Do all of the brothers use this equipment? Neutral 50 Everyone in the base has to spend a minimum of five hours a week running tactical simulations, but outside that, interest is scarce. 8
Neutral 50 It wasn't always this way. When we first moved into the bunker, everyone was so excited that the VR systems were intact. 9
Neutral 50 Over time, though, my fellows have become listless and less entertained by the wonders of the technology around us. 10
Neutral 50 That's why Apprentice Watkins is such a joy to work with. Her unbridled enthusiasm for virtual combat is unparalleled. 11
HVTaggartWhoAreYou And you are? Neutral 50 Ah, the outsider. I suppose it's too much to ask that jarhead Ramos to keep outsiders away from my research. 12
Neutral 50 I am Head Scribe Taggart, and I am much too busy to deal with the likes of you right now. 13


HVTaggartVeronica01 HVTaggartVeronica01 Neutral 50 Y-Yes. Well, it's, ah, nice to see you, too, Veronica.{it's not} 14
HVTaggartVeronica01 Neutral 50 Hmph. 15
HVTaggartVeronica02 HVTaggartVeronica02 Neutral 50 Well, I {slightly stressed} have been working with some UV lights in the pods. 16
HVTaggartVeronica02 Neutral 50 Very funny, Veronica. 17