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Lancers are members of the Brotherhood tasked with the maintenance and operation of its flying vehicles. The class was formed in the wake of the Purifier Conflict, as the Brotherhood gained access to large numbers of Vertibirds. By 2287, lancers operate both Vertibirds and The Prydwen, an airship built and maintained by the Brotherhood by Elder Arthur Maxson and Lancer Captain Kells, as it continues to serve the Brotherhood's goals.


Rank Description Notable persons
Rank 1 Initiate
A freshly inducted lancer, usually tasked with maintenance or running low-danger flights.
Rank 2 Knight
A fully trained pilot.
Rank 2 Knight
Lancer knight
Rank 2 Knight Sergeant
A veteran pilot of the Brotherhood.
Rank 4 Knight Captain
The highest lancer rank. A captain usually helms the largest of the Brotherhood's vessels (the only existing one is the aforementioned Prydwen) and is responsible for overseeing their day to day operations, answering directly to the elder, though lancer-captains may also pilot Vertibirds on delicate missions that require a great deal of experience and finesse.[1] Lancer Captain Kells, 2287


  1. Shadow of Steel quest description: "The Prydwen's captain, Lancer Captain Kells, has ordered me to attend an address being given by Elder Maxson, the supreme commander of the Brotherhood of Steel."
    Note: That Kells is referred to specifically as "the Prydwen's captain." Furthermore, lancer-captains may be encountered in random encounters at higher levels.
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