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Lake Reynolds is a location in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia, situated just outside of Lewisburg.


Once a recreational area on the outskirts of Lewisburg, Lake Reynolds was closed down and abandoned before the Great War due to the mounting pollution from the region later known as the Ash Heap.[Non-canon 1] After the Great War, the lake was used as a camp by the Responders, in which the corpses of some of their members can still be found in the area.


In the immediate vicinity of the lake, a small building, campsite, playground, and a few dilapidated fairground rides from the pre-War era can be discovered. The building has posters in its windows advertising the attractions of the nearby fair, including a Ferris wheel, paddle boats, and the "Twister." There is a weapons workbench just outside of the building, while the building itself is boarded up and inaccessible.

A Responder corpse lies next to a truck parked between the building and a small campsite with a tent. Further to the west of the lake is what remains of the advertised Ferris wheel and another ride with swings known as the "Twister," which is easily accessible through patches of land running across the middle of the lake, creating a natural bridge.

Notable loot

Potential weapon mod plan - On the back of a pickup truck, to the right of a footlocker.


Lake Reynolds appears in Fallout 76.

Behind the scenes

Lake Reynolds is based on the Lake Shawnee Amusement Park, which operated in Princeton, West Virginia, from 1926-1966. Six people died at the park during this period, which led to urban legends that the park was haunted. Nathan Purkeypile stated on Twitter that it was chosen to be represented in Fallout 76 for its historical significance.[Non-canon 2]




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    "This part of Lewisburg consists of a once-idyllic lake and children’s fun park. Now the carousel and Ferris wheel are covered in detritus, and the place is a real dump (in fact, it was abandoned even before the War). Recently, Responders were active here. Check farther east for some odd signs and an open railroad carriage. Have you dived down for the fusion core inside the tiniest toy alien spacecraft of all?"
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