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Lake Quannapowitt is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


A once-popular tourist location, Lake Quannapowitt was heavily polluted by radioactive particles and heavy metals. Nearby industries such as the General Atomics factory, Saugus Ironworks and the Corvega assembly plant were suspected to be the source.[1] However, it was actually Mass Fusion.[2] The Nahant Oceanological Society verified the Massachusetts Department of Natural Resources' findings[3] and it was urged on June 25 that the mayor cancel the annual July 4th bass fishing tournament.[1] The 2077 tournament was being sponsored by General Atomics International as a promotion for their new galleria.[4]

It was only after this tournament in which 27 individuals suffered illness after exposure to the lake, a boat sank and the two survivors had to be treated for radiation burns that the lake was closed to the public.[1] The survivors and families of the Lake Quannapowitt incident filed suit on the city on July 16, and a legal notice was distributed by J. Richard Thorndike, city attorney. The notice was a legal directive to preserve documents relating to the lawsuit. Although officially they declared that the suit was "baseless and without merit," that the "City Attorney's office [was] committed to a fair and impartial legal process" and they extended their official "condolences to the victims of this terrible tragedy," they knew the truth, simply that they allowed the incident to happen due to negligence. A copy of the said legal notice at the monitoring station beside the lake has J.T.'s personal handwriting to wipe the terminal to dispose of the evidence.[5] Two centuries later, the lake is only suitable for mirelurks, bloodbugs and bloatflies.[6]


The lake is small and littered with hostile creatures. On the west bank, there is a Department of Water building guarded by some mirelurks. Inside there is a terminal which indicates that the lake is highly irradiated and has been so since before the Great War. The northeast edge of the lake has a small boat ramp and a couple of picnic tables, where a fishing tournament ad can be found. To the north is a bridge, where random encounters may occur. A pair of streams feed into the east side of the lake and host many bloodleaf plants.

One of the streams leads to a nest of mirelurk eggs inside the sewage pipe underneath the truck with the partially overturned boat. To the east is radio tower 3SM-U81 which can be accessed by following the road, patrolled heavily by mirelurks. The lake also has a sort of billabong off to the east side. At the center of the lake, there are numerous barrels of radioactive waste. Along the perimeter are several boats and ski-doos, indicating that the water level in the lake was higher in the past. The lake also hides several containers below the surface.

Notable loot

  • Fishing tournament ad - On a picnic table at the boat launch near the green glowing mushrooms on the northern shore.
  • A legal notice and another fishing tournament ad on the desk inside of the monitoring station on the northwest shore.


  • The water is highly irradiated, as noted in a nearby terminal, due to excessive dumping. Drinking the open water inflicts 10 rads rather than the normal 3 rads, and immersion in the open water inflicts 20 rads/sec rather than the normal 10 rads/sec.
  • In addition to the radiation from the water there is high environmental radiation which increases towards the center, peaking near 120 Rads/sec.
  • The lake is mentioned regarding the rise of the radiation and toxicity of a fish sample by over 15 times from the previous year, in the Nahant Oceanological Society terminal entries. Well over safe levels for swimming according to the report being returned to the colleague requesting the testing of the Lake Quannapowitt fish.
  • A steamer trunk is found underwater next to a row boat and two skeletons, in the northern half of the lake.
  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated along the coast of the lake, near some twigs and yellow machinery.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "We go skinny dippin' in there, things might start fallin' off."
Codsworth "Sir/Mum, I'm picking up dangerously high levels of radiation. Best not linger here if you value your health."
Curie "Warning. This lake is highly irradiated. I recommend we avoid."
Danse "I recommend against entering that lake. The radiation levels are dangerously high."
Deacon "Lake Q has hard rads. Unless we're planning on chugging RadAway, let's not."
John Hancock "You spend too long in here, you're gonna come out looking like me. Though you would make a hell of a Ghoul."
Nick Valentine "A dunk in here's a quick way to up your rad count."
Piper Wright "Not sure this is the place to take an extended dip."
Preston Garvey "That does not look like a good place for a swim."
Robert MacCready "I hope you're not thinking of swimming in that mess."
X6-88 "That water is heavily irradiated. We should keep away from it."


Lake Quannapowitt appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

There is a real Lake Quannapowitt located in Wakefield, Massachusetts, a suburban town to the north of Boston. The lake is emptied by the Saugus River. The toxic waste dump echoes a real problem with pollution the lake has faced historically.



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