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For an overview of combat armor variants in all games, as well as background information, see combat armor.
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Lag-Bolt's combat armor is a unique variant of Talon combat armor found in the Fallout 3 add-on Broken Steel.


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Modeled after the human silhouette, combat armors were designed to provide balanced protection without limiting user mobility. They are a diverse family of personal body armor with varying degrees of sophistication, ranging from the earliest iterations developed by the United States Army[1] to the cutting-edge riot gears that came into use prior to the Great War.[2]


This armor is a reasonable compromise between the Ranger battle armor and the tribal power armor, offering more AP than the battle armor, has 3 fewer AP points than the power armor (the power armor gives 15 but it's effectively 13 with the -1 Agility penalty), and more damage resistance. In addition, it is less cumbersome to wear than the tribal power armor (as power armor reduces movement speed) adds 10 points to the Big Guns skill, and repair materials for it are much easier to locate.

The actual benefits of Lag-Bolt's combat armor over the Ranger battle armor are debatable for characters wishing to maximize AP with 10 Agility, Action Boy/Girl and Ledoux's hockey mask, as the extra 5 AP allows very few weapons to get an extra shot in V.A.T.S.; such as the railway rifle, atomic pulverizer and the ritual knife. For habitual jet users with 10 Agility, this armor does make a difference with all 25 AP weapons.





It is found in La Maison Beauregard on Lag-Bolt as part of the unmarked quest The Sorrowful Suitor.

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  1. The Army helmet is presented in the game as an older type of helmet, issued to uniformed troops who do not use the standard set of combat armor: Clearly visible in the tutorial segment and later on countless dead bodies throughout the Commonwealth.
  2. Riot gear variants available in Lonesome Road.
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