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In combat, you do +10% damage against female opponents. Outside of combat, you'll sometimes have access to unique dialogue options when dealing with the opposite sex.— In-game description

Lady Killer is a perk for male player characters in Fallout 3.


In combat, the player character does +10% damage against opponents of the opposite sex. Outside of combat, one sometimes has access to unique dialogue options when dealing with the opposite sex, similar to the Sex Appeal trait.

Additional dialogue options

  • Nova in Megaton will provide the Lone Wanderer with the password to Moriarty's terminal.
  • Brianna in the Blood Ties quest will provide the player character with the password to Ian West's cell.
  • One can talk the AntAgonizer into stopping her attacks on the town and ending her feud with The Mechanist. The Lone Wanderer also gets her costume.
  • One can talk Fantasia into stealing Dukov's key for the quest You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head. It is possible to do this without the perk though, but Lady Killer eliminates the possibility of a Speech check failure.
  • One can talk Agatha into giving them the key to her ammunition box to help the Lone Wanderer during the quest Agatha's Song.
  • In Operation: Anchorage, one can calm Specialist Olin down and get more detailed information on questions. Also, the conversation will not end after each question.
  • In The Pitt, Vikia will prove to be immune to the perk and will mock women who are manipulated by it. She goes on to say that she wouldn't sleep with the player character, no matter how impressive he is.


This perk does not carry over to super mutants, feral ghouls or swampfolk, as they are classed as creatures by the game, and therefore would not be subject to any gender-based effects.

Behind the scenes

The term "Lady Killer" is slang, dating back to the 19th century, referring to a man who is very popular and/or influential with women.