Ladies auxiliary tape 8 is a holotape in Fallout 4.


The holotape was recorded by Rebecca Linkowski (Becka), a member of the "Ladies Watch auxiliary of Boston." Becka is starting a new recording for a watch at her mother in-law's (Gemma) place, in the North End of Boston. Before going into any further details, Becka apparently forgot what the watch was about and asks Gemma for the local news. While Becka asks for more serious, criminal and vandalism related events; Gemma replies with nonsensical information. It is not clear why Gemma misunderstands the questions; it, however, leads to Gemma believing that Becka wants to have a drink at the Paul Revere House. Grabbing her coat and "a bottle of Irish," Becka ends the recording and follows Gemma.


The tape is found in an unmarked, single-room, rooftop apartment, a little west from Pickman Gallery. Instead of going into the alley leading to Pickman Gallery, take the fire escape stairs on the left-hand side of the forecourt (see image below). On the roof, follow a path made out of wooden boards, leading directly to the apartment door. Alternatively, use a power armor with a jet pack. Inside, on the right-hand backside, stands a TV. The holotape lies left from the TV, on the TV table.



Rebecca Linkowski: Recording surveillance tape number eight, Ladies'Watch auxiliary of Boston. This is Becka Linkowski. We are doing a watch in the North End tonight, at my mother in-law's place. Let's see, lately they've - Gemma, whats was in the news here last week?

Gemma: Noella's made a cheesecake as big as a table!

Rebecca Linkowski: No no no, not that. I mean, didn't somebody get mugged ore somethin'up the way?

Gemma: Oh yeah... right. Ernest did just get a whole lot of new mugs up at the corner store. Nice. Made in Tennessee, I think.

Rebecca Linkowski: Fer Chrissake, Gemma. What about those kids they caught drinking' in the Revere House? Anything like that?

Gemma: Oh, Rebecca! That's very rebellious of you. Drinking in Paul Revere's house. I'll get my coat and a bottle of Irish!

Rebecca Linkowski: Oh brother. Wait up, Gemma.


  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox can be found in the apartment, on the bottom shelf of the small end-table of the kitchen.
  • With 0.2, the weight of the holotape deviates from the standard weight of holotapes.

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