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Ladies auxiliary tape 8 is a holotape in Fallout 4.


The holotape was recorded by Rebecca Linkowski (Becka), a member of the "Ladies Watch auxiliary of Boston."


The tape is found in an unmarked, single-room, rooftop apartment, a little west from Pickman Gallery. Instead of going into the alley leading to Pickman Gallery, take the fire escape stairs on the left-hand side of the forecourt (see image below). On the roof, follow a path made out of wooden boards, leading directly to the apartment door. Alternatively, use a power armor with a jet pack. Inside, on the right-hand backside, stands a TV. The holotape lies left from the TV, on the TV table.


Rebecca Linkowski: Recording surveillance tape number eight, Ladies'Watch auxiliary of Boston. This is Becka Linkowski. We are doing a watch in the North End tonight, at my mother in-law's place. Let's see, lately they've - Gemma, whats was in the news here last week?

Gemma: Noella's made a cheesecake as big as a table!

Rebecca Linkowski: No no no, not that. I mean, didn't somebody get mugged ore somethin'up the way?

Gemma: Oh yeah... right. Ernest did just get a whole lot of new mugs up at the corner store. Nice. Made in Tennessee, I think.

Rebecca Linkowski: Fer Chrissake, Gemma. What about those kids they caught drinking' in the Revere House? Anything like that?

Gemma: Oh, Rebecca! That's very rebellious of you. Drinking in Paul Revere's house. I'll get my coat and a bottle of Irish!

Rebecca Linkowski: Oh brother. Wait up, Gemma.


  • A Vault-Tec lunchbox can be found in the apartment, on the bottom shelf of the small end-table of the kitchen.
  • With 0.2, the weight of the holotape deviates from the standard weight of holotapes.

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