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Ladies auxiliary tape 10 is a holotape in Fallout 4. It is a recording between Rebecca Linkowski and Sue.


It is on a table on the second floor of the building northeast of Hawthorne Estate exterior cell. The building is used by the nearby raider encampment as their south wall. There are no stairs leading up to the building.


Rebecca Linkowski: There it goes. This is surveillance tape number ten, Ladies' Watch auxiliary of Boston. Becka Linkowski speaking.

Sue: Say, what are we the auxiliary of, anyway?

Rebecca: What do you mean what auxiliary?

Sue: You know. Robbie's in the Veterans League, I'm in the auxiliary. We do bake sales and stuff, but we're the auxiliary OF the vets league.

Rebecca: So what?

Sue: I don't know. I just figured you had to be the auxiliary OF something is all.

Rebecca: Drop it, Sue. Surveillance begins at, oh for chrissakes, 7:04 in the evening. Dorchester. Currently in my front room, but we'll take a walk later. We've had a couple robberies lately, and I hear old McElroy is sneaking down to the packie after Kitty falls asleep. We'll have an eye out for that. Sue, where'd you go? You getting the whistles and pepper spray?

Sue: Yeah, see? It's here: "usually functioning in a subsidiary capacity of a larger organization." So... subsidiary means what, exactly? Anyway, I'm pretty sure it means you can't just be an auxiliary of nothin'.

Rebecca: I swear to God, Sue. Go grab the whistles and my flashlight so we can get going.

Behind the scenes

The location McElroy is mentioned as sneaking down to is another word for liquor store in Massachusetts.

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