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This is a transcript for dialogue with Lacey Drummond.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00405E5C 00405E78 You came out of the Vault, right? Cautious, trying to be worried - but stressed
2 I thought it was empty. Wait, is the door still open? Huge hope at the end - urgent
7 00405E5D 0053AFF4 Can't be a dead end... oh. Was there something else? To yourself initially, then realizing you said that out loud.
8 0053AFF5 Looking to waste some more of my time? You're a bit tired, and this person was a jerk.
9 0053AFF7 Wait, so did you come out of that Vault? We both presumed it was empty. The doors not still open, is it? You're a bit tired, but intrigued by this person you just met.
10 0053AFF8 Woah! Woah. Just a friend here, not a threat. Just had some questions for you. Worried that this stranger may shoot, trying to ease tensions - edge to it, big worries
13 0056A17E Something else you needed? You're a bit tired, but intrigued by this person you just met.
14 0056A17F Oh. You. What do you want? You're a bit tired, and this person was a jerk.
29 00538DAA 0056A16B I knew it! See, Isela. It wasn't a scam.
30 0056A16C I did. Now you have it. Thought we went over this. A little puzzled. This person is asking for a weapon after you already gave them one.
31 0056A16D Plenty, but I won't, since you decided you wanted to jerk us around.
33 0056A0FD 0056A161 Watch yourself out there.
34 0056A162 Mhmm. Bye. A little irritated with this person. They were jerking you around.
35 0056A0FF 00538DC8 If your Overseer crossed our path, she sure wasn't broadcasting it. Sorry. You might ask at The Wayward.
36 Seems like they set themselves up to be a natural stopping point.
37 0056A16E Maybe I did. Or maybe you should ask the thing you've got trapped inside the vault? This is a dig at something the player said earlier, lying to you instead of taking your question seriously.
38 0056A104 0056A17B We haven't been here real long, but from what we've been able to piece together...
39 0056A105 0056A156 There's that.
41 0056A107 0056A15F About Appalachia?
44 0056A114 0056A15D Happy to tell you what I know. Which isn't much.
45 0056A116 0056A167 Oh. Right. You didn't hear it, did you? There's a treasure in Appalachia.
46 0056A168 I certainly could. But since you decided to yank our chains, I'm going to say "no."
48 0056A119 0056A148 Guy we met at The Wayward... Carter, I think was his name? He gave us a couple leads to chase down... in exchange for all our money.
49 Up to us now to make something of them.
50 0056A11A 0056A157 But with people as desperate as they are, it's meant everyone with a functioning radio's come back to try to see if they can get a piece of it.
51 0056A11B 0056A17C Someone made a broadcast not too long back about there being some kind of treasure buried in Appalachia. We don't know what. We don't know where.
52 0056A11C 0056A152 Uh... okay. Sure. I mean, this is... this is what I've got. We're not looking for any trouble. Suddenly concerned. This person just threatened you.
55 0056A120 0056A164 Oh. Well, now that you mention it... I guess I could spare these. Here. This person just flattered you successfully.
56 0056A122 0056A159 Seems only fair I return the favor. Anything we can answer for you?
57 0056A15A Now... unless there was something you needed... Trying to politely urge this person on. They were kind of rude to you.
58 0056A123 0056A17D Probably have all four walls up by now.
59 0056A124 0056A153 If you're looking for a place to rest, you should give The Wayward a visit.
63 0056A127 0056A14C But... those were the last of our caps. Crestfallen.
64 No. Someone has to know something. We're just going to stick it out until we find them. Toughening up. You're not willing to give up yet.
66 0056A12B 0056A15B ... but... A bit crestfallen. You just found out your plan isn't going to work.
67 0056A12D 0056A18A Well, y-yeah. There was this big broadcast. But... shouldn't you... know it was in there? You're a little crestfallen. You're realizing you've been sold a bill of goods.
74 0056A137 0056A14D Wait, what? Really confused. You think this person is lying to you.
75 0056A13C 0056A14B And he said that inside that vault is the... you know... that's where the big one is. Emphasize "and" and second "that". You were just cut off by your friend. Towards the end, you expect the player to know what you're talking about.
76 Our last chance to turn our lousy luck around. Kind of under the breath, already giving up - but brave face for the player
78 0056A13E 0056A18B We got a tip from The Wayward. Heard of the place? A new bar down the road. Telling a story, transitioning from desperation - to a more neutral even friendly vibe. Player can't help me, but the player seems nice.
79 So this guy told us... Invite an interruption
80 0056A13F 0056A155 My partner and I need a way into that Vault. Emphasis on need
81 0056A141 0056A17A Son of a bitch, we missed our chance. We really needed that. A little flustered. But recovers
82 0056A143 0056A150 Damn. I figured it was a long shot. Crestfallen, big deal to be wrong here - but recovering
84 0058F9D9 0058F9DE We both came over from Virginia. Well, what was Virginia.
85 There's a lot more hot zones that way. And the few spots that're livable, well, they got picked clean fast.
86 I mean Appalachia's dangerous, really dangerous, but it's better than where we've been.
87 0058F9DB 0058F9DD The Wayward is what passes for civilization in these parts. It's got people and booze.
88 A pretty good place to get information, too.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0040BD85 0040BD87 Thanks for all the help. Pfft. Said to a jerk player
2 0040BD88 Maybe someone else will come along... Help us out...
3 0040BD89 Vault's are big places. Maybe the treasure's hidden...
4 005562DC There's got to be a way back in the Vault.
5 005904DC The Wayward's just down the hill. Can't miss it.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 0053AF41 0053AF4B Maybe... Wait. A Vault-Dweller? H-hey there! Surprised, desperately hopeful