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Inclement Weather Policy #C31: In the event of extreme winter (nuclear) conditions, all employees are required to proceed to human resources and complete forms D87-a, D87-b, H04-1, and A14-3, addendum 7. In accordance with company policy #L83, employees will be issued iodine tablets, personal geiger counter, meal rations, and sworn into the sovereign L.O.B. republic.— Security Operations Terminal

L.O.B. Enterprises is a building in Falls Church in 2277. It is an office building that can be reached by traveling through Grayditch, then through Marigold station to the Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro or by traveling through Foggy Bottom station, the Mason District, and Falls Church/Mason Dst Metro. It is next to the Falls Church East map marker.


Located at 18527 Fairford, L.O.B. Enterprises was a pre-War weapons manufacturer[Non-canon 1] involved with the People's Republic of China before the war, and spent a lot of time and resources developing a new incendiary sidearm for them (known as "Project Zhu-Rong"), culminating in the Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese pistol. Rumors arose and subsequently spread of their activities, and L.O.B. Enterprises soon came under federal scrutiny, due to importing Chinese products from Happy Liberty Imports, a Chinese front. As a result of this, its employees were required to carry low-grade military weapons at all times,[1] and received training in the event of a federal invasion,[2] or nuclear exchange. The company had many corporate policy forms for various procedures and events, ranging from sexual harassment,[3] capitalization in sent electronic mail, and issued gear to employees while swearing them into the "sovereign L.O.B. republic."[4]

Their activities were discovered by the authorities just hours before the Great War, and their headquarters was invaded by federal agents.[5] The assault robots are the only ones left, programmed to keep the building secure.


It is divided into three areas: the main area, east wing, and enterprise archives. In 2077, shortly after Project Zhu-Rong's completion, the building was invaded by U.S. military security forces, comprised mostly of robots. Due to the Great War breaking out on October 23, the U.S. military robots remained inside, keeping the premises secure for over two hundred years since that time.

Notable loot

L.O.B. Enterprises

  • Pugilism Illustrated - In a storeroom composed of only metal shelves, on the eastern side of the map in the southernmost room. It can be reached by going north and then east of the L.O.B. Enterprises entrance. By entering a room with only wooden shelves and a terminal, it can be found directly south of it.
  • Nuka-Cola Quantum - On a shelf in the big office above the boiler room in the L.O.B. Enterprises area, near the northwest corner of the map.

East wing

East wing map

  • Stealth Boy - Entering the east wing, there is a reception area consisting of an alcove on the right with two desks, a coffee machine, filing cabinets, and shelves. There are two terminals, one functioning security operations terminal, and another non-functioning terminal with a Stealth Boy.
  • Two pre-War books - Both of them are on the desk by the R&D operations terminal, but have also been seen in various places on the floor. The R&D room is the first accessible door on the left after reaching the top level of the east wing, in the same hallway as the CEO's office.
  • Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese pistol - Inside the CEO's office (Very Hard lock), inside the CEO's briefcase (Hard lock) on the desk. The key is inside the CEO's desk, and will also unlock the door that leads back into the hallway, in the case of the player reaching the CEO's room by circling the edge of the destroyed floor rather than picking the lock.
  • Tumblers Today - Next to the computer monitor on the desk in the CEO's office.
  • Mini nuke - In the CEO's bathroom next to the garbage can or on top of the lighting fixture over the toilet.


Archives map


  • While L.O.B. Enterprises does not show up on the Pip-Boy "world map," its entrance is marked on the Pip-Boy "local map." Fast traveling to Falls Church East places one right outside the building.
  • L.O.B. Enterprises has the most vacuum cleaners of any location. There are a total of 15 across its three zones. There are five in the entrance, seven in the archives and three in the eastern wing.
  • At higher levels, sentry bots will start to appear inside L.O.B. Enterprises. At level 30 (Broken Steel add-on), the building is comprised mostly of sentry bots with a few robobrains and one or two Protectrons.
  • Another danger point is one of the entrances to the archives wing. The entire room is filled with explosive gases, and a Mister Gutsy patrols the room (sentry bots may patrol this room if the Broken Steel add-on is installed); its flamethrower can ignite the gas accidentally. To be safe, use explosives to set off the gas from a distance before entry.
  • There is a computer named "L.O.B. Enterprises - Sam Johnson's terminal" located in the main area that appears to be without power, yet it can be selected for some communications regarding sexual harassment against female employees by Mr. Johnson.
  • In the east wing section, there is a bathroom with urinals. However, the sign outside of the bathroom says "Ladies."
  • Just to the right of entering the east wing, there is a teddy bear sitting on a chair in front of the security operations terminal.
  • In one terminal, it is noted that in case of an emergency, the building should be evacuated via the archives. Although there is a section in the archives which looks like the metro levels, there is no visible connection to any metro.
  • There are numerous skeletons to be found. Some skeletons are accompanied by weapons and sometimes ammunition.
  • A paladin may enter the building and fight the robots if The Lost Initiate is completed.


L.O.B Enterprises appears only in Fallout 3.




  1. Fallout 3 Official Game Guide Game of the Year Edition p.448: "Located at 18527 Fairford, L.O.B. Enterprises is still recognizable, east of the Super Mutant camp in the ruined office. Head up the steps to the only entrance door to this weapons manufacturer."