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Who the hell are you? Better yet, what the hell are you doing in this cursed place?

Private Kyle Edwards[1] is an NCR soldier turned ghoul found at Camp Searchlight in 2281. He is holed up in a Searchlight home northwest of the elementary school.


Private Edwards has been affected by the radiation caused during the Searchlight Sabotage when Legion infiltrators opened containers of radioactive waste stored in the Searchlight fire station.[2][3] He has suffered ghoulification, but has not turned feral, unlike his comrades. Fearing the reaction of NCR forces,[1] the prospect of turning feral due to the ambient radiation at the camp, and the radscorpions that have moved in since,[4] Edwards hid himself in one of the houses.[5]

He is currently trying to figure out how to move forward with his life, but he has no idea where to go, how to live as a ghoul,[6] and he suspects that he will get shot on sight due to latent bigotry (which he is not wrong about). His former commanding officer, First Sergeant Astor, believes every ghoul in Camp Searchlight is suffering, feral or not, and needs to be put down as a sign of compassion.[7][8][9] In the private's own words, he "may be suffering, but [he] still wants to live."[10] Once he is informed of Ranger Station Echo, he will finally feel like he has a place in the world since he underwent ghoulification and will report there immediately.[11]

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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This character is involved in quests.


  • We Will All Go Together: Astor is collecting the dogtags of his fallen comrades and Edwards has one of them.
  • Arachnophobia: Edwards is afraid to go outside due to the giant radscorpions and needs help getting rid of them.
    • A Speech check of 60 will allow the Courier to lie to Private Edwards, making him believe that the radscorpions are all gone. Once the Courier leaves the house, they will find his dead corpse and be ambushed by three giant radscorpions. The Courier gains 60 XP and loses Karma for this action.
    • Alternatively, the Courier can tell him that they are not sure if there are still any out there, then offer to kill any remaining ones they find. Multiple radscorpions will spawn outside the house when the Courier leaves. If they kill them all, then return and tell Edwards, he is grateful and the Courier gains some XP.

Other actions

  • Speaking to First Sergeant Astor about Private Edwards reveals that he thinks he should be killed to end his suffering, despite knowing he is not feral. When pressed, he suggests he might head to Ranger Station Echo as it is run by ghouls. A Speech check of 50 or an Intelligence check of 7 will persuade Astor to let Edwards rejoin them, who will reward the Courier with 50 caps and positive Karma if they give him the good news.

Effects of player's actions

  • The Courier can tell Private Edwards that Astor believes he should be killed, and a Speech check of 50 will persuade him to kill Astor first. He will immediately leave the house and head towards the NCR group nearby, picking up a small group of feral trooper ghouls along the way and begin a small battle. Private Edwards and the ghouls will easily be killed by the four troopers without assistance.
  • The Courier can also just send him into the Mojave Wasteland to do some exploring on his own.



  • Private Edwards still says the general dialogue a normal NCR trooper would in New Vegas and throughout the Mojave Wasteland.
  • Although Private Edwards claims that he cannot serve the NCR because he is ghoulified, there are NCR Veteran Rangers that are ghouls as well. This can be seen at both Ranger Station Echo and Camp Golf.
  • If the Courier sends him away before they get the irradiated dogtags, he will drop the dogtags in his house.
  • If the Courier convinces Edwards to join Ranger Station Echo and then kills him, they will gain NCR infamy.
  • Should Edwards go exploring on his own, he will ultimately end up at the Mesquite Mountains camp site where he will most likely be killed by radscorpions.


Kyle Edwards appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PCPC Xbox 360Xbox 360 If Edwards is sent to Ranger Station Echo, he can get stuck in the mountains south the station near the coyote mine. [verified]
  • PCPC Sometimes, he will turn hostile towards the Courier for no reason. [verified]


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