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You see this eye-piece right here? I had to re-solder it in place, and it don't look as pretty as it needs to for inspection, I guess.

Knight Kyle[1] is a member of the Brotherhood of Steel stationed in Lost Hills in 2161.


Kyle is an armor specialist, with a focus on fixing and maintaining power armor stockpiles of the Brotherhood.[2] Compared to many other members, such as Rhombus, he is more laid back and has a critical view of many institutions of the Brotherhood. He openly criticizes the insane standards he is expected to adhere to, particularly Rhombus' refusal to clear an armor that has been fixed in the wrong way (eg. an eye piece that was soldered on).[3]

In spite of his irreverent attitude, he gives credit where it's due, and is particularly impressed with the Vault Dweller's mission to the Glow, or rather, the fact he survived it at all.[4][5]

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  • Fix the broken T-51b power armor: Kyle has a dilemma; he has two sets of nearly completed powered armor, but each are just missing one piece. He needs a systolic motivator to complete them, but due to the outdated model of the armors, he has been denied an issuance for a new one. The Vault Dweller may either go upstairs to the equipment issuance manager, Michael, and ask for the small piece of machinery or steal one from Rhombus's quarters. If it is acquired, Kyle will hand the player character an instruction manual, telling the Vault Dweller that it is up to them to complete the repairs.


Apparel Weapon Other items
Brotherhood armor Laser pistol Small energy cell x80
Stimpak x2


Kyle appears only in Fallout.


Kyle may refuse to speak to the player character again after asking them to find a systolic motivator, saying only "Get lost. I'm busy." It is currently unknown whether this is a bug or not. It may be a reaction to a negative reputation level. If this happens, it becomes impossible to repair the power armor.[verified]


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