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Kremvh's Tooth is a unique machete found in Fallout 4.


A unique weapon found in the wreckage and detritus of a pre-War mining operation turned worship site.


Kremvh's Tooth is a machete with a unique mod named "sacrificial blade," which gives the weapon a large damage boost, additional poison and bleeding damage on a short duration, as well as a unique shape.

Unlike legendary weapon effects, it is possible to remove the sacrificial blade mod from the weapon at a workbench and apply it to another machete. Thus, it is possible to install the mod on any legendary variant of the machete, giving the weapon a unique shape as well as extra effects. When the sacrificial blade mod is removed, Kremvh's Tooth becomes a regular machete, just with a different name.

Weapon modifications

Slot Mod Description Damage per hit change Weight change Weapon value change in caps Perk needed Components Form ID
Material mod No upgrade - ? ? ? - - -
Serrated blade Target bleed. Exceptional damage. ? ? ? Blacksmith 2 1x Adhesive
2x Steel
Sacrificial blade Targets bleed and are poisoned. Exceptional damage. - - - - None 0022576E



Kremvh's Tooth is found at the bottom of Dunwich Borers, down an underwater shaft in a little tunnel before the bottom of the shaft, flanked by two mini nukes and two glowing mushrooms on top of an altar.


Retrieving Kremvh's Tooth while wearing power armor will result in the power armor frame becoming trapped underwater since it is not possible to swim up while wearing it. The only way to get the power armor back is to have a follower enter the power armor and then fast travel once the player character has gone outside.