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Protocol 118j. Connection to ... Whitespring ... restored. New operative signal ... synchronized. <beep>— Kovac-Muldoon Platform

The Kovac-Muldoon Platform, also simply called the Kovac, was a United States military satellite and orbital strike platform that remained functional by 2102.


After contact between the Kovac and the Whitespring bunker was reestablished with the assistance of the player character, the Enclave AI MODUS was able to take control of the satellite.

The Kovac appears to be capable of both delivering supplies from orbit and firing space-to-ground missile strikes. MODUS used it to deploy an orbital scan beacon and orbital strike beacon for the player character to utilize. Also, during the Enclave events A Real Blast and Dropped Connection, the Kovac is used to either exterminate pests, or drop a supply cache, respectively.


The Kovac-Muldoon Platform is mentioned in Fallout 76.

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