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This is a transcript for dialogue with Kogan.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
16 0040D28E 00555537 Heh, you've been played, dumbass. Can't imagine how that feels.
17 00555538 Can't wait to hear about what happens with you. Only wish I wasn't stuck out here, so I could see it myself.
18 00555539 Stop wasting my time, chump. I got important shit to ignore doing out here.
140 0040D2F0 0040D3DA I don't wanna kill nobody I dunno for no reasons, but that's life now.
141 I gave you a choice, I hope you get the hell on out before I detonate.
142 Now leave me alone.
177 0040D31A 0040D422 Look, whoever told you he's here is wrong. I'm just telling you the facts. He takes a breath and stands down. Still mad at the player, though.
178 You're gonna want to talk to whoever sent you on this snipe hunt and crack his face in. Still mad
179 Meanwhile, I'm gonna take bets on who lives, you or the other guy!
180 Based on how mad you look, I'm thinking of pickin' you! Don't disappoint me! Back to being amused.
182 0040D31E 0040D44C Or else what? That a threat? You really want to throw down with me? Taking offense to the player. He does not like being threatened.
183 I'll make sure your head winds up on a pole back at the Crater! Threatening.
184 0040D320 0040D3F1 Fresh air? This close to the Toxic Valley? Think about that for a second and realize how stupid that sounds. Amused at the player's expense.
185 You're being played like a chump.
186 Sorry, but Lou just ain't here. I suggest you take this up with whoever told you to come out here.
187 Hey, heh, I'm looking forward to seeing whose head winds up on a pole, you or the other guy! Really amused in a sadistic way.
188 Heh, be seeing you, chump, one way or another! Still amused.
189 0040D322 0040D42F Lou never comes out this way. If he ain't on a job, he's huddled away in his little mole hole back at the base.
190 Who told you he'd be out here at the lookout camp? Amused.
191 0040D323 0040D3D9 Well, that's odd, ain't it?
192 0040D325 0040D46A Oh ho! We've got a tough guy here! Amused at the player's boldness.
193 0040D46B Oh ho! We've got a tough gal here! Amused at the player's boldness.
194 0040D327 0040D3FE Lou? Well that's odd, ain't it? Confused. He hasn't seen Lou out here, why would Lou be here?
195 0040D329 0040D43C I thought there was something familiar about you. You're the one who did the uh... vaccine thing, right? Wary, but more respectful now.
196 You musta impressed her, 'cause she don't let just any Wastelander work jobs for her.
197 Especially not no vault person like you. What's your deal? curious.
279 0040D3BF 0040D475 Well look at Mr. Fancypants here, strolling up all confident-like to a bunch of Raiders. You stupid, or just got a death wish? Cocky, a real tough guy
280 0040D476 Well look at Ms. Fancypants here, strolling up all confident-like to a bunch of Raiders. You stupid, or just got a death wish? Cocky, a real tough guy
358 00555501 00555509 Yo, I'll be wasting more than your time if you talk to me like that again. But, to get you outta my face, here's what's what. Annoyed, acting tough. Showing the player who's in control here.