There's meat under that armor. And meat can be ground.— Kodiak commenting on Enclave soldiers

Paladin Greg "Kodiak" Bear (born 2239) is a member of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel, specifically the Lyons' Pride in 2277.


Paladin Kodiak (also known as Greg Bear) is the largest and strongest member of the Lyons' Pride. He is actually considered the largest and strongest member of the Brotherhood of Steel in general. As the name implies, he is as gruff and vicious as a bear, and he excels in close combat with a super sledge. Paladin Kodiak owes his life to Elder Lyons, who rescued Kodiak as a child from a distant city known as 'The Pitt. Because of this, Kodiak thinks of Elder Lyons as his father.[1]

During the Scourge, his older brothers John and Grudd were left behind by the Brotherhood due to being "too wild and mean."[2]

The Pitt was the site of a siege conducted by Elder Lyons, intended to wipe out any and all of the city's mutated residents. Kodiak describes the city as being a dangerous, crime-filled place, more so than any other area in the East Coast wasteland, and certainly enough for him to consider the Scourge the best thing to happen to the place. The only citizens of the Pitt spared by Lyons were children who appeared to be unmutated. Greg Bear was one of these children. He informs the Lone Wanderer that he and about 20 other unmutated youths were brought to Washington, D.C. and subsequently trained as Brotherhood soldiers by Lyons - he remains as the only surviving member from that group still stationed at the Citadel.

Within the Lyons' Pride, Kodiak is their "jack of all trades" not specializing in any one area, but doing a bit of everything: recon, demolition, and tactical assault.

Daily scheduleEdit

He can be found around the great hall in the A ring area of the Citadel.

Interactions with the player characterEdit

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* During Take it Back!


  • When he tells the Wanderer his story, one is unable to tell him they have been to the Pitt even if one has completed the main quest. He will assume they have never been and will tell them about the trogs and raiders.
  • He is a somber but polite, much like Gallows.
  • He is only of the only two children, the other being Marie, who were born in the the Pitt and did not succumb to the Troglodyte Degeneration Contagion, despite the disease having a nearly 100% degeneration rate for infants born in the city.

Notable quotesEdit

  • "There's meat under that armor. And meat can be ground." – Kodiak commenting on Enclave soldier
  • "Now that's a story... The only reason I'm here is because of Elder Lyons. You see, I grew up in the Pitt. Don't suppose you've ever been there, huh? It's about 500 klicks to the northwest. Place is a nightmare -- three irradiated rivers coming together. People there were... not well. But the Brotherhood of Steel came down on the place with a righteous hammer. They called it "The Scourge.""
  • "Ah, see, the Brotherhood's one thing, but the Pride... Best of the best. Every damn one of us. Hand picked by Sentinel Lyons herself."
  • "Hell if I know. I never knew them. I lived on the street and fought with rats for food. All of 'em became Initiates. Most of them went on to become Brothers. A lot fell in action" – Kodiak, about what happened to the Pitt kids.


Paladin Kodiak appears only in Fallout 3.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name "Kodiak" refers to the Kodiak bear (also known as the Alaskan brown bear), one of the largest species of bear in the world.


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  2. Ishmael Ashur: "For example, they took one survivor, a kid the called "Kodiak". But they left his big brothers behind, because they were too wild and mean. But as it turns out, the Bear Brothers were some of my finest soldiers. At least, until they went up against you."
    (Ishmael Ashur's dialogue)
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