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The knuckles are a weapon in Fallout 4.


Metal knuckles designed for increased damage during punching by reducing stress on the attacker's hand. They have a medium swing speed, and punches are delivered in a right-straight punch and a right hook. Only one set of knuckles may be equipped at a time. The ability to pierce armor or add bleeding damage that cannot be mitigated allows this weapon to yield a high damage potential against enemies at lower levels.

Weapon modifications

Slot Mod Description Weapon prefix Damage per hit change Weight change Weapon value change in caps Perk needed Components Form ID
Upgrade No upgrade
Sharp Targets bleed. Better damage. Sharp +3 + ?Bleed +0.1 +3 Adhesive x2
Steel x4
Spiked Armor piercing. Better damage. Spiked +3 +0.1 +3 Adhesive x1
Screw x2
Steel x2
Puncturing Armor piercing. Superior damage. Puncturing +8 +0.1 +4 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x3
Screw x2
Steel x4
Bladed Targets bleed. Exceptional damage. Bladed +11 + ?Bleed +0.2 +5 Blacksmith 1 Adhesive x3
Leather x2
Steel x6



Knuckles, like all unarmed weapons, cannot be used while wearing power armor.