Knight Lucia's log is a holotape in Fallout 4. The log is needed for the quest Duty or Dishonor if the Sole Survivor does not have a high enough Speech skill to convince Knight Lucia to talk.

Location[edit | edit source]

Knight Lucia's log is found aboard the Prydwen, in the footlocker in her sleeping quarters.

Transcript[edit | edit source]


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Knight Lucia - Personal Log
Welcome, Lucia. Please select an entry.

Year 2, Day 17[edit | edit source]


Year 2, Day 17

Today was my last day as an Initiate. Tomorrow morning, I report to the Elder for my commissioning. I'm finally going to be a Knight

The Brotherhood is everything I hoped for. Family. Honor. Security. I've met people with vision and courage, like Elder Maxson. I've made friends like Clarke. I've proven myself in battle. I can't imagine going back to civilian life now.

My only regret is that Clarke won't be going through the ceremony with me. We do everything together. But he's been avoiding me lately. I wanted to talk tonight, like we used to, but he just went to bed. Said he wasn't feeling well.

Year 2, Day 18[edit | edit source]


Year 2, Day 18

Today, I stood before the Elder. He spoke of my life before the Brotherhood, my time as an Initiate, and my future as a Knight. It only took a few minutes, but it felt like the most important conversation of my life.

A few of my friends were waiting outside to congratulate me - even Proctor Ingram came. But not Clarke.

I heard later that he hadn't reported for his duty shift on the Bridge. No one seemed to know where he was. It was almost midnight before he got back, and he went to bed without saying a word.

Year 2, Day 23[edit | edit source]


Year 2, Day 23

Clarke and I have been posted to Logistics at the base. Working supply may not be as exciting as patrol duty, but it needs to be done. Clarke seems to resent it, when he talks to me at all.

I'm worried about him. I always looked up to Clarke, but he seems like a different person lately. Like he's just given up.

At first, I thought he was just jealous. But there's something else going on, something he isn't telling me. If I can get him to open up, maybe we can still work things out.

Year 2, Day 34[edit | edit source]


Year 2, Day 34

This is getting out of hand. Clarke has been late to his shifts three times this week. Each time, I've found him and made sure he didn't "forget" again, but I can't keep covering for him like this. I think Sergeant Gavil is starting to suspect something is wrong.

When I got back last night, my footlocker was a mess. I think Clarke has been going through my things. What's the matter with him? Why won't he talk to me?

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