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This is a transcript for dialogue with Knigh Captain Dusk.


CitDuskApology1 I think we got off on the wrong foot... Neutral 50 It takes some stones to admit a mistake. Maybe you're not so bad, stranger. Tell you what, buy me a drink sometime and we'll call it even. 1
Neutral 50 So, what do you want that's worth pissing me off over? 2
CitDuskApology2 I've had enough of your shit, Dusk. Neutral 50 Oh? Oh really? Look, I know how you wasters are. You cap a few Radscorpions and think you can walk around like you own the fucking place. 3
Neutral 50 But things work differently around here. You got a problem with that, then you go ahead and meet me in the Lyons' Den after lights out. 4
Neutral 50 I'll solve your little problem the old fashioned way. 5
CitDuskApologyEND Yeah, whatever. Neutral 50 That's what I thought. 6
CitDuskEnclave Do you know about the Enclave? Neutral 50 I never thought much about 'em until you showed up. They have the bots, but they've been buzzing around for as long as I can remember. 7
Neutral 50 To tell you the truth, I figured that the Enclave were long gone. Most of us thought the radio and the bots where just relics. 8
CitDuskGallows What do you think about Gallows? Neutral 50 I don't trust him. I know, I know, I should take faith in my brother, but he disappears for days out into the Wastes. 9
Neutral 50 He comes back without a word. He only reports to Sentinel Lyons, and doesn't tell the rest of us what he's up to. I can't trust a soldier like that. 10
Neutral 50 The other guys, they think it's a joke. Glade's even got a betting pool going to find out Gallows' real name. A betting pool. Honestly... 11
CitDuskGreeting1 So what's your story? Neutral 50 My "story"? I blow the head off of anything more'n two hundred meters downrange. 12
Neutral 50 I'm the best shot in the Brotherhood of Steel, bar none. Not even Colvin can match my kill count. That's my "story." 13
CitDuskGreeting1a You mean you were the best shot. I'm here now. Happy 50 Hey, Wasteland humor! I like that! Got any more... funny man? 14
You mean you were the best shot. I'm here now. Happy 50 Hey, Wasteland humor! I like that! Got any more... funny girl? 15
CitDuskGreeting1b That's impressive. Competition must be stiff around here. Neutral 50 Damn right it is. Last time I checked, it wasn't called the "Sisterhood of Steel." Hell, even Sarah has to prove herself to the knuckle draggers. 16
Happy 50 Every once in a while, we have to show 'em what's what. 17
CitDuskGreeting2 Dusk? Oh, let me guess! Your real name's Dawn. Or is it Twilight? Anger 20 Ha. Funny. Here's some free advice: You're our guest, so I'd be real careful about who you insult. 18
Anger 30 That sort of thing might fly out in the Wastes, but here in the Citadel, it'll earn you a few broken teeth. 19
CitDuskGreeting2a Please. Like I'm afraid of you people. Neutral 50 See? That. Right there. That's the sort of shit that'll land a little girl like you in the infirmary. 20
Please. Like I'm afraid of you people. Neutral 50 See? That. Right there. That's the sort of shit that gets a man injured. 21
CitDuskGreeting2b Sorry, I was just joking around. Neutral 50 Yeah, see... my friends can joke about my name. Last I checked you're not on that list. But I'll let it go, you just watch yourself. 22
CitDuskGreetingEND Good to know. Neutral 50 Right to the point. I like that. What do you need? 23
CitTownCitadelEND That's all I needed. Neutral 50 All right then. 24
DLC03TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 There's no sport in launching missiles from space. It's so... Impersonal. 25
So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 Some interesting developments. Still, there's a way to beat them. There always is. 26
So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Neutral 50 Their armor isn't as thick as it could be. I'm not complaining. 27
GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 What the goddammit! Didn't anyone ever teach you not to creep up on people during a live fire exercise? 28
Neutral 50 What are you thinking? [Sighs] Anyway, I am Knight Captain Dusk, in service of Steel. If you require anything, simply ask. {Sighs are the beginning of this line, shedding her annoyance and regaining her composure.} 29
GREETING Neutral 50 Hail to you, stranger. I am Knight Captain Dusk, in service of Steel. If you require anything, simply ask. 30
GREETING Neutral 50 I'm sorry, what part of "I'm done with you" didn't you understand? Leave me alone, Waster. 31
GREETING Neutral 50 Did I stutter? Get out of my face. 32
GREETING Neutral 50 What? Can you not see that I'm concentrating here? You're gonna get your head blown off if you aren't careful. What do you want anyway? 33
GREETING Neutral 50 Do you really think it's wise to interrupt a sniper with a loaded rifle in her hand in the middle of a live fire drill? 34
Neutral 50 What's so important anyway? 35
GREETING Neutral 50 Dammit! What's wrong with you? This is a firing range, not a nursery it's dangerous here. What do you want? 36
GREETING Neutral 50 You holdin' it together, stranger? I see you're still in one piece. That's a good start, eh? 37
GREETING Neutral 50 Still alive, I see. You're doing better than most Wasters that end up in the city. 38
GREETING Neutral 50 Each day we make it to the end's a good one, eh? What do you need? 39
TLCitadelEnclave So... Any thoughts on the Enclave? Happy 10 Honestly? I can't wait to see if one of those helmets can stop a hollow-point round at 100 yards. I'm thinking... not. 40
TLCitadelSuperMutant Care to share anything about the Super Mutants? Neutral 50 I can tell you that those heavily armored ones, the Masters? They favor heavy weapons Miniguns and Missile Launchers. 41
Happy 20 My recommendation headshot from a distance. Avoid the meat grinder. 42
TLLyonsPride What can you tell me about the Lyons' Pride? Neutral 50 We're the most elite tactical unit ever assembled in the Brotherhood of Steel, here or anywhere else. Hell, ain't nothin' Sarah's cubs can't handle. 43
TLPrideJob What do you do here? Neutral 50 I'm a sniper with the Pride. Put any mutie bastard within one mile of me and my rifle and, well... pack it up troops. Fight's over. 44
Happy 50 Colvin thinks he's a better shot. Man's delusional. 45


CitTalkDuskGlade1 CitTalkDuskGlade1 Neutral 50 Bullshit. That third shot dropped by a couple of inches. 46
CitTalkDuskGlade1 Neutral 50 Yeah, not really. I dropped the fourth shot a couple of inches. 47
CitTalkDuskGlade3 CitTalkDuskGlade3 Neutral 50 I care. If I were aiming for his nose, that'd be fine. But I wasn't. I was going for the eye. Sloppy... 48
CitTalkDuskGlade3 Neutral 50 So, I wasn't aiming for his nose. That's what. 49
CitTalkDuskGlade5 CitTalkDuskGlade5 Neutral 50 A few people. But I don't get tired of hearing it. 50
CitTalkDuskGlade5 Neutral 50 All the time, Glade. All the time. 51
CitTalkDuskKodiak1 CitTalkDuskKodiak1 Neutral 50 For someone who should be preparing for an assault, you seem to have a lot of time to be social. 52
CitTalkDuskKodiak3 CitTalkDuskKodiak3 Neutral 50 Well, the rest of us have work to do. 53
CitTalkDuskKodiak3 Neutral 50 If only we were all so lucky. I have work to do. 54
GOODBYE I have to go now. Neutral 50 Try and be more careful about when you sneak up on people. 55
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Walk in steel. 56
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Stick to the shadows. 57
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Remember: One shot. One kill. 58
I have to go now. Neutral 50 Move silently. 59
HELLO HELLO Neutral 50 Hail. 60