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Klein's notes, part 1 and 2 are two holotapes in the Fallout 76 update Wild Appalachia.


The holotapes are located in Lewisburg and obtainable during The Lowe-Down.

  • Part 1 is found in a duffle bag in a cop car.
  • Part 2 is found behind a house with a flamingo in the front (northeast of the police car). It is next to a skeleton.


Part 1

Officer Klein: Lewisburg. A small town of big dreams, but just underneath that shining veneer lies and undercurrent of mystery and mischief. Take one Calvin van Lowe as an example. Just your average--

Officer Sidney: What the hell, Cavit?In-game spelling Are you recording again?

Officer Klein: That a problem for you, Sidney? My novel needs this kind of professional realism.

Officer Sidney: Uh-huh. And you think it's within the realm of "professional realism" to just yammer on instead of actually doing your job?

Officer Klein: I am doing my job! Before we interrogate Ms. Van Lowe, we must first observe the... milieu.

Officer Sidney: I got your "milieu" right here... We just need details on the night her brother disappeared. Nothing fancy.

Officer Klein: Family. The bonds that tie us, the roots that hold us. But also the key ingredient in... fratricide.

Officer Sidney: Knock it off! Let's get... hey. Check out that guy in the fancy suit. Ever seen him around here before?

Officer Klein: Nope. Looks like he's snooping around, though. Isn't that the Garbers' summer home? The one with the flamingo out front? They left town weeks ago.

Officer Sidney: We should check this out. Let's go.

Part 2

Officer Sidney: Alright, stay close, let's creep up to the corner here.

Officer Klein: A fancy suit... dark glasses... and a motive for... murder?

Officer Sidney: You can't seriously be recording still.

Officer Klein: Uh, sorry... But what's he doing near that firewood?

Officer Sidney: Maybe he's some kind of safety inspector-- oh, hell.

Wolf: Good afternoon, gentlemen.

*Silenced gun shots, footsteps along wood floor*