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Doctor Klein is a pre-War scientist and leader of the Think Tank operating in Big MT in 2281.


Doctor Klein is a pre-War doctor and the chief/head researcher of logistical operations and ideology at Big MT. Sometime after the Great War, he became a think tank to continue his work. He seems to be overconfident in his intelligence, as he shows absolutely no grasp of the purpose or function of the advanced technology he tasks the Courier to retrieve. He also remains very disrespectful of his colleagues and often ignores and criticizes them for suggesting what actions the Think Tank should take.

Along with his original name and human memories, Klein has lost much of his knowledge of human anatomy, and refers to the Courier's fingers and toes as "penises." He is shown to fear and hate Dr. Mobius, although they were partners at one time. He often pompously asserts his status as a head researcher, using that to override his colleagues and ignore their advice, as well as to justify being rude to them. At the end of Old World Blues, it is revealed that he and the Think Tank extracted the Courier's brain in order to escape their imprisonment in Big MT and use the Mojave to conduct ruthless experiments on both the Wasteland and its denizens. This is much like the implementation of the Cloud in the Sierra Madre to test the chemical, the hazmat suits and Auto-Doc technology, all created as experiments on humans.

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  • When Dr. Mobius comments on what the scientists have forgotten, friendship is probably aimed at Dr. Klein, who barely acknowledges his colleagues, and even regards them more as understudies or employees than his friends.
  • Throughout Old World Blues, he speaks in a very loud voice, as apparently the other scientists or Elijah have messed around with the volume control on his chassis; this is why Dr. Klein's dialogue is always in all-caps.
  • Klein has a hatred for the words "mutiny" and "jism."
  • Inside Klein's house, directly above the door, is a large Old World flag. This could imply Klein was or still is an American patriot. This could explain his willingness to help Ulysses.

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Doctor Klein appears only in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • His name is a reference to the mathematician Felix Klein who created the Klein bottle, a two-dimensional non-orientable object in four-dimensional space, an equivalent to the Mobius strip.
  • The three perks that he can give the Courier (Heartless, Brainless, and Spineless) are references to The Wizard of Oz: the scarecrow was missing a brain, the tin man was missing a heart, and the lion was missing courage. This is mentioned by multiple characters throughout the add-on.



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