Downtown is the eastern part of Klamath. It is a mix of agricultural, residential and commercial uses. Plenty of Klamath's citizens can be found wandering around or visiting the two pubs. Aldo will be ready to greet anyone that arrives here.


This district is built around a central plaza, which has been converted into a vegetable garden. Most of the buildings abut onto the plaza, with only Vic's house and the Dunton's slaughterhouse being built further back. Buckner House is directly next to the entrance to Klamath, and, moving counter-clockwise around the plaza, there is; the bathhouse, the Dunton jerky shop, the Golden Gecko and three residential buildings. More vegetable crops are located at the north and south-east of the map. There are also several outhouses located throughout the district.

Exiting to the east leads to the world map, the south to the trapping grounds, the south-west to Trapper Town and the west to Klamath Canyon. When returning from the grazing grounds, one will appear in the north-west of the district.

Notable loot


Klamath Downtown appears only in Fallout 2.


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