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Klamath Canyon is located west of the town of Klamath itself.


The canyon is oriented east-west, with the entrance from Klamath Downtown to the east. A crashed Enclave Vertibird is on the western side, with the corpses of the crew next to it. A crippled Mister Handy was not destroyed in the crash and is located between the entrance and the crash site operating in defensive mode. A yellow reactor keycard can be found on the body of one of the pilots. Depending on actions taken in the brahmin related quests, Torr Buckner may be found hiding here.


  • A similar encounter occurs in Fallout: New Vegas at the crashed vertibird location, along with hostile robots.
  • Daisy Whitman was the pilot of the crashed Vertibird.[1] The wreck was later found by Lily Bowen, who took one of the rotors to craft a blade.[2]


Klamath Canyon appears only in Fallout 2 and is indirectly mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.[1]


Sometimes when the Chosen One finds the crash there will be no soldiers there and only pools of blood, this is the result of bodies "aging" per CITY.TXT.[verified]


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