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For the vertibird crash site in Fallout: New Vegas, see Crashed vertibird.
For the vertibird crash site in Fallout 4, see Vertibird wreckage.
For the vertibird crash site in Fallout 76, see Vertibird crash site.


Klamath Canyon is located west of the town of Klamath itself.


The canyon is oriented east-west, with the entrance from Klamath Downtown to the east. A crashed Enclave Vertibird is on the western side, with the corpses of the crew next to it. A crippled Mister Handy was not destroyed in the crash and is located between the entrance and the crash site operating in defensive mode. A yellow reactor keycard can be found on the body of one of the pilots. Depending on actions taken in the brahmin related quests, Torr Buckner may be found hiding here.


  • A similar encounter occurs in Fallout: New Vegas at the crashed vertibird location, along with hostile robots.
  • Daisy Whitman was the pilot of the crashed Vertibird.[1] The wreck was later found by Lily Bowen, who took one of the rotors to craft a blade.[2]


Klamath Canyon appears only in Fallout 2 and is indirectly mentioned in Fallout: New Vegas.[1]


Sometimes when the Chosen One finds the crash there will be no soldiers there and only pools of blood, this is the result of bodies "aging" per CITY.TXT.[verified]


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