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This is a transcript for dialogue with Klamath Bob.


GREETING GREETING Neutral 50 Howdy. Name's Bob, but folks around here call me Klamath Bob. What can I do you for? {Speaks casually and informally.} 1
GREETING Neutral 50 Hey, stranger. Hope you been well. What do you need? 2
VDialogueVegasWest1EKlamathBobTopic002 Show me what you have for sale. Happy 10 All right, then. Hopefully I've got something to wet your whistle. 3
Show me what you have for sale. Neutral 50 Come talk to me when I'm in my store and I'll be glad to do business with you. 4
VDialogueVegasWest1EKlamathBobTopic012 I take it you're from Klamath? Happy 30 Heh, yeah good old Klamath. Not a bad place if you like hunting, eating, and skinning geckos all day! Heh heh. 5
Neutral 50 It's a pretty dull place, but I hear there was a bit of excitement when this tribal from Arroyo came to town years back. All before my time, though. 6
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic000 I have some questions about this area. Neutral 50 I might have some answers for you. What did you want to know? 7
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic001 Can you tell me about Westside? Neutral 50 Well, things aren't great here, but I've seen a lot worse. We've got the Fiends to the south of us, and that ain't good. 8
Neutral 50 The Scorpions hang out at the Monte Carlo when they aren't slinging chems or getting their heads blown off by the Fiends. 9
Neutral 50 Probably the best thing we've got going on is the co-op, run by Mr. Ettienne. Gets some help from of the Followers of the Apocalypse, I think. 10
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic002 Do you have a lot of run-ins with the Fiends? Happy 5 Not so much lately. The NCR is giving them hell any time they poke their damned heads out. Bless those boys and gals for getting rid of that vermin. 11
Sad 5 I feel pity for any man or woman that gets addicted to chems, but when they prey on decent folk... well, then it's time to put 'em down. 12
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic003 Tell me about the Scorpions. Disgust 20 Not much to tell. Typical gang of dumb bullies and angry nobodies. They're holed up a bit south of here, in the Monte Carlo Suites. 13
Disgust 15 They think they're tough, but any time they tangle with the Fiends, they get torn right up. 14
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic004 What's so great about the co-op? Happy 15 Food from the people and for the people. Anyone can buy, but the profits are shared by the folks who make the produce. 15
Happy 10 Locals got these little gardens that do real well. Gosh darn well, truth be told. Ettienne got some help from that Anderson kid, I think. 16
Happy 15 Anyway, we don't gotta rely on merchants so much. And it means the troopers can use all the food they make over on the east side. Works out nice. 17
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic005 Do you know anything about that Super mutant walking around town? Happy 15 Oh, heh. Yeah, that's Mean Sonofabitch. I know the name sounds bad, but he likes it. He's one nasty old coot. 18
Neutral 10 Far as I can tell, he's one of them original Super Mutants, what came from the Boneyard. Wandered about after that "Master" fellow died. 19
Sad 10 Eventually got caught somewhere around the Hub, back in NCR. Boy, they sure treated him mean down there. Cut him up so bad he can't talk no more. 20
Neutral 50 I tried to buy him, just so they'd stop hurting him, but they didn't want any of it. 21
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic006 What do you do around here? Neutral 50 I run the liquor store in Westside. With things this rough, some folks need a lot of booze just to step out the door in the morning. 22
Neutral 50 After I close up shop, I walk around and help keep the peace. Not that I'm good with a gun, mind you, but someone's got to do it, you know? 23
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic007 I don't have any more questions. Let's talk about something else. Neutral 50 Sure. 24
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic009 Enough about the Westside. Neutral 50 What else did you want to chat about? 25
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic010 How did he end up here on the Westside? Happy 10 He just showed up here one day. Couldn't really talk, but he remembered me all right. 26
Happy 15 Ever since then he's just been, well... hanging around, I guess. Does odd jobs for folks and smashes the bad guys when they come poking around. 27
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic011 People around here aren't afraid of him? Neutral 50 Some folks steer clear of him, for sure, but he don't seem to mind. 28
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic012 Do you know how he got away from the NCR? Neutral 50 Turned out some of them "Night Kids" - whatever you call those sneaky Super Mutant types - got in and busted him out. 29
Neutral 50 I guess somebody named "Tabitha" led the bunch that freed him. Don't know much more than that. 30
VDialogueVegasWestKlamathBobTopic014 Goodbye. Neutral 50 Okay, then. 31


GOODBYE Goodbye. Neutral 50 Okay, then. 32