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This is a transcript for dialogue with Kiyomi.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
1 00548762 0054878D Excellent choice. I find those folk to be most agreeable. Now let's discuss what we need in detail.
27 0054877D 0054EB23 Spit it out, scab. I haven't got all day. Impatient, annoyed
32 005619E5 Well look who wandered in from the Wasteland! It's good to see you. Said with a chuckle, greeting a friend
33 005619E6 This better be important. Impatient
97 00553A7D 00553A97 Makin' the smart choice, huh? Good move. Begrudgingly impressed
98 I'll remember that you hooked us up. Meantime, you get any more of these photos, come and see me. Impressed
99 00553A7F 00553A90 Yeah... I like my teeth right where they are, thanks. Since I can see that you're serious, I'll up the payment. A little intimidated
101 00553A83 00553A91 I like the sound of that. Here, this is more than I was going to give you, but I'm not passing up this opportunity. Annoyed
102 00553A87 00553A92 Fine, go waste someone else's time. Annoyed, dismissive
103 00553A89 00553A95 Recent intel, huh? Could be useful for finding weaknesses in their defenses. Interested
104 I'll pay in caps for everything you've got.


# Dialog Topic Form ID Response Text Script Notes
78 003FBBE6 00554A98 I heard Lou finally got his wish and bailed on life, that selfish bastard... Trying to be tough, but she actually cared about Lou. Says "that selfish bastard" under her breath and to herself.
79 00555DBB Get out of my face, scab. Rude
80 00555DBC Oh look, someone I can use for target practice. Rude
81 00555DBD If you're here to strike up a conversation, don't bother. Rude
82 00555DBE Oh look, another Vault scab. So that's what I smelled. Rude
83 00555DBF You going to cry about being locked out of your cozy Vault, scab? Rude
84 00555DC0 You keep your mouth shut, and I'll keep my finger off the trigger. How's that sound? Rude
85 00555DC1 Take that ugly scab face of yours somewhere else. Rude
191 00553C52 0059ED53 Guard duty really sucks, you know that? Such a waste of my talents. Bitter
199 0059EF37 I hate being stuck out here on guard duty. Feel like I'm missing out on everything. Bitter.
200 0059EF38 One of these days, I'll get off this damn guard detail. I hate it out here.
258 0059EF29 0059EF32 Guess I haven't earned Meg's trust yet. I haven't been here that long, and this is the detail us new-bloods get. Exasperated, frustrated, impatient
259 Can't exactly impress Meg while I'm stuck out here trying not to fall asleep. Bitter
260 Maybe this is some kind of test, seeing how much bullshit I'll put up with. Well, they're not going to break me. I'll prove what I'm worth. A realization, then steely determination.
261 0059EF2A 0059EF30 Of course I'm not happy! All the action's in the Core. I want to be part of that. Agitated, feeling left out
262 I want to plan something nasty against Foundation. I want to lead a raid, you know?
263 0059EF2B 0059EF34 Bullshit. Ain't no person or thing in Appalachia that would try to hit us here. The player is talking crazy
264 This place is no fortress. But we're armed to the damn teeth. Attacking the Crater would be a death sentence.