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Kingsport Lighthouse is a location and possible settlement in the Commonwealth in 2287.


A landmark once serving the area, the lighthouse has been settled by the Church of the Children of Atom in recent years. Cultists from the crater house have sent some of their number to this lighthouse to guide pilgrims and feed unwary travelers to their glowing one, whom they refer to as "Heretics" and "Blessed," respectively.[Non-canon 1][1][2][3] Once the lighthouse has been rid of these cultists, the site can be used as a settlement.

Settlement information

The construction zone of this settlement extends from the house in the west down to the dock and boathouse in the east, including the lighthouse between. The main house is mostly intact, but additional structures can also be built around it. The junk around the locale provides decent amounts of steel, wood, concrete and rubber for construction, but anything more may require manual collection or a supply line.

The hostile Children of Atom and the glowing one atop the lighthouse must be cleared out before the settlement can be activated. The hole in the house's roof must be covered for settlers to consider it a roofed area. The sandy area surrounding the house can be used for crop production, and the beach has open water which allows for large-scale water purification.

Even though the area is accessible from three directions, in a dangerous region and prone to raids, the lighthouse is an easily defensible building. Because of impassable rock ledges bordering most of its landward approaches, attackers usually approach from either the shoreline south of the dock, or directly up the driveway.


Kingsport Lighthouse features a medium-sized building area. The house itself is two stories high, with an Advanced-locked safe on the first floor. Behind the house is a four-story lighthouse, with an isolated glowing one and a steamer trunk behind a barred door at the top. There is a workshop and a weapons workbench in the first level of the lighthouse.

Behind the lighthouse is a small bay, with a boat to the right and a boathouse and dock on the left. The road down from the lighthouse is littered with a few powerful mines and a tripwire rigged to a nuclear trap. The yellow barrels at the end of the dock are highly radioactive, peaking at 30 rads per second. They can be scrapped for materials in workshop mode, which will get rid of the radiation permanently.

Notable loot

A mini nuke can be found at the top of the lighthouse behind the barred door.

Related quests

  • Taking Point: Minutemen scouts have found a promising site for a new settlement, but it's overrun with hostiles. Preston Garvey asks the Sole Survivor to clear it out so a beacon can be set up to attract new settlers in need of a home.
  • Clearing the Way: A settler tells the Sole Survivor that they are concerned about dangerous enemies in a nearby area and asks them for help in clearing it out.


  • Sometimes, the bar on the door at the top of the lighthouse may remain in place, even after previously releasing it and opening the door. The result will be that the glass room is now inaccessible, as it is impossible to move around the bar. However, standing directly in front of the bar and shutting the door behind the player character will force them into the room. To exit, simply sprint into the area between the bar and the wall, possibly jumping. Alternatively, one can use a fast travel marker to fast travel directly into the room. Disabling reference 001a8e64 on PC through the console will clear the bar from the game as well.
  • Children of Atom will periodically spawn in the boat.
  • The bodies of the traders in the wrecked house and the lighthouse may continually respawn. If they are dismembered, the separated body parts will spawn in the same position as the intact limbs.
  • There is also a sea creature washed on the shore near the shack, which is not lootable.
  • Just out to sea from the lighthouse is a small rocky area with a skeleton sitting in a wheelchair.
  • The settler spawn point is typically by the rocks just to the right of the lighthouse door.
  • The Kingsport Lighthouse can briefly be seen in the Fallout 4 trailer.
  • When at this location, companions make comments, which are activated at the top beacon.
Location comments
Character Comment
Cait "Usin' a glowin' one for the lighthouse... someone was thinkin' outside the box."
Codsworth "That's one way to light up your lighthouse."
Curie "Ah, a lighthouse. How picturesque."
Danse "The only thing those glowing one's are useful for is decorating the pavement when I gun them down."
Deacon "Were lighthouses just as spooky in your time? This place gives me the creeps."
John Hancock "Putting a giant beacon in the middle of your settlement ain't the best way to keep a low profile."
Nick Valentine "A Glowing One as a lighthouse beacon. I won't fault 'em their cleverness, that's for sure."
Piper Wright "What a view."
Preston Garvey "I've never seen a lighthouse powered by glowing ones before."
Robert MacCready "I don't see the point. It's not like any ships are still sailing out there."
X6-88 "A lighthouse... good vantage point. I can see why the Glowing Ones came here."


The Kingsport Lighthouse appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

Like the Pickman Gallery and Dunwich Borers, the lighthouse is a reference to the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Kingsport was a fictional Massachusetts town created by Lovecraft that served as the setting for several of his stories, and residents included a cult performing strange rites, which the Children of Atom's presence may be in reference to.




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