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This is a transcript for dialogue with Kimba.


BigtownTownServices Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Neutral 50 No. Red used to run a medical clinic, but Super Mutants captured her in the last attack. {Kimba tries to be helpful.} 1
Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Neutral 50 There aren't many of us left to run stores or anything like that. You could stop by Red's clinic if you need stitching up. {Kimba tries to be helpful.} 2
Do you have any traders in town? Any doctors? Sad 50 Red used to run the clinic, but she ... she's gone. {Kimba tries to be helpful, but she's overcome by the loss of her friend, Red.} 3
This place looks like a ghost town.
Why do Super Mutants keep attacking the town? Fear 25 Whenever those... things come, they grab a few people instead of killing them. No one knows what happens after that. No one wants to know. {Kimba is afraid of the supermutants and doesn't want to think about what happened to her friends.} 4
Fear 50 There's... there's always so much blood after they come. And then someone has to... move the bodies... {Kimba is completely traumatized by the memory of violence and death.} 5
BigtownTownWhereDidYouComeFrom Where did you people come from, anyway? Happy 25 Oh, Little Lamplight is where most of us came from. Red and Pappy and Flash and Bittercup. We used to play together, when we were kids. {Kimba is eager to remember happier times.} 6
Sad 25 Then we got old, and we had to leave. Those are the rules. So we packed up and headed here, like we were supposed to. {Kimba is bringing up a painful memory. Things did not work out like she had hoped.} 7
Sad 50 No one told us it would be like this. We never have fun anymore, and most of us ... most of us are dead. {Kimba is bringing up a painful memory. Things did not work out like she had hoped.} 8
BigtownTownWhosInCharge Who's in charge here? Neutral 50 No one's really in charge of Bigtown. There's nothing much to be in charge of. 9
Neutral 50 Red always has good ideas, though! She came up with the whole plan to build the barricades around the town. 10
Sad 50 But those... things took her. I hope she's okay. I don't know what we'd do without Red. 11
Who lives here?
Who lives here, anyway? Happy 50 Well, I mainly hang around Pappy. He's not such a bad guy. You should have seen him when he first got here, so bright and positive. 12
Sad 50 I ... just didn't have the heart to tell him at first, you know? How frightening this place really is. Everyone figures it out eventually. 13
GREETING GREETING Surprise 50 I'm confused. What am I supposed to be doing? Can you show me? 14
GREETING Happy 100 I'm starting to feel safe for the first time in a long time. Thanks to you! {grateful} 15
GREETING Fear 50 Welcome to Big Town. Not that there's much of a town left. Those Super Mutants keep kidnapping people. 16
GREETING Neutral 50 Hi there. Um, can I help you? 17
GREETING Fear 25 You need something? {Suspicious and slightly afraid} 18
MS01AboutRed I'm looking for a woman named Red. Sticky promised me some caps... Sad 75 Red was taken with the others in the last attack by the Super Mutants. She's the doctor. If you rescue her, I'm sure she'll give you your money. {sad} 19
Sad 50 But... you probably shouldn't tell Sticky... it would crush him if he thought Red was in danger, or possibly dead. {pitying her friends plight} 20
MS01QuestHook Do you know where the Super Mutants took your friends? Happy 100 Oh, they're somewhere to the northeast. In a police station or something. Thanks for rescuing our friends! {hopeful} 21
What do you know about these Super Mutants? Surprise 100 Have you changed your mind? Are you going to rescue our friends! I'd given up hope. It's so hard here in the Wasteland. Not like when we were young. {hopeful} 22
What do you know about these Super Mutants? Sad 50 I thought growing up was a good thing. You got to leave and explore the real world. Well, what nobody tells you is that the real world sucks! {longing for better days} 23
Fear 50 At first we just paid the Slavers to leave us alone... when we ran out of money Red found other ways to convince them to leave us alone. {longing for better days} 24
Fear 100 But now she and the others are gone. Super Mutants attacked and carried them off! No one knows when they're coming back. Or who'll be next. {frightened} 25
Settle down now. It'll be okay. Do you know where they took them? Fear 75 They took them to the north, to the police station or something. Do you think you can find them? And rescue them? {flustered and scared} 26
Yep. Growing up sucks. Now... do you actually know anything useful? Surprise 75 You mean like where they took them? I don't know exactly... Um... to the north. Northeast to be more precise. You're going to rescue them?! {confused and frightened} 27
Your friends will have to rescue themselves. I'm not going to. Sad 100 Oh. Well... If you change your mind... we'd be awfully grateful. Those are our friends... {let down and depressed and imploring} 28
MS01QuestHookA4 I'll think about it, but I can't rescue your friends now. Sad 100 Oh. Well... If you change your mind... we'd be awfully grateful. Those are our friends... {let down and depressed and imploring} 29
MS01QuestHookB1 Don't worry. If they're alive, I'll find them and rescue them. Happy 100 Oh that's wonderful! Thank you so much! We don't have much, but if you can bring them back alive, we'll give you everything we can! {excited to have found a hero} 30
MS01QuestHookB2 I'll consider rescuing them. I'm assuming there's some kind of reward? Happy 75 Yes, of course we'd reward you! I mean... we don't have much... but our friends are very important to us! Don't worry, you'll get paid. Thank you! {happiness tainted by her would-be hero's demand for reward} 31


BigTownGoodbye BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 Don't worry about it, Timebomb. Just try not to strain yourself, okay? {Kimba is concerned about Timebomb's health.} 32
BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 Oh, I wouldn't worry about him. He's been like that since Lamplight. He'll be fine. {Kimba has always known Pappy as being cynical and doesn't understand Red's request.} 33
BigTownGoodbye Happy 10 You're welcome, Red. Sorry I couldn't do anything more than wash bandages. {Kimba is glad to have helped and is eager to be of more use.} 34
BigTownGoodbye Happy 50 Whatever, Sticky. {Child-like bullying. Kimba is enjoying picking on Sticky like she did in Little Lamplight.} 35
BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 You're right. 36
BigTownGoodbye Sad 50 I don't know, Pappy. I just don't know. {Frustrated with Pappy's constant doom-mongering, Kimba becomes just as depressed as he is.} 37
BigTownGoodbye Sad 50 I'm sorry, Pappy, but what else can we do? I miss Lamplight. {Frustrated with Pappy's depression, Kimba thinks back to better times in Little Lamplight.} 38
BigTownGoodbye Neutral 50 That's, um, that's great Timebomb. Well, I'm glad you're all right. {Kimba is slightly unsettled by Timebomb's awkwardness, but ultimately glad he is OK.} 39
BigTownGoodbye Happy 10 Oh yeah. "I'll never be mayor. Everyone hates me," he used to say. {chuckling while he says this. Red is remembering Pappy when he was much younger (8-ish), and is imitating his childish complaints.} 40
BigTownResponse BigTownResponse Neutral 50 Everyone eventually finds their place in town, Sticky. Don't worry about it. {Kimba is restating the "matter of fact."} 41
BigTownResponse Happy 50 Shorty, you were never mayor, remember? The other kids would just pick you up and throw you. {Kimba comedically remembers Shorty's earlier attempts at being in charge.} 42
BigTownResponse Surprise 10 That's great, Flash. Amazing how you could do that with only 10 bullets. {Slightly sarcastic. Kimba knows Flash is exaggerating and is teasing him.} 43
BigTownResponse Neutral 50 We can keep moving the barricades back. That seems to help. {Trying to reassure Pappy and herself. Moving the barricades is their only plan, and she wants to support whatever the current plan is.} 44
BigTownResponse Neutral 50 Hey, Pappy. {Random response back to Pappy.} 45
BigTownResponse02 BigTownResponse02 Neutral 50 That’s funny, I thought we were an autonomous collective. {Kimba is confused over the sudden change in hierarchy.} 46
BigTownResponse02 Surprise 10 Oh, that? Come on Red, Pappy's never been happy. {Kimba is surprised over Red's concern and finds herself reminiscing about Lamplight.} 47
GOODBYE I have to go now. Fear 100 I'm so tired of being frightened all the time! {exhausted} 48
I have to go now. Happy 100 Thanks again for everything! 49
I'm going to go look around town. Fear 25 If you see anyone from Lamplight, tell them to be careful. {Kimba is concerned about new arrivals from Lamplight ending up like them.} 50
HELLO HELLO Happy 100 Oh it's you! Hello! 51
HELLO Surprise 50 Someone new in town? You aren't from Lamplight. {Kimba is surprised to see someone new.} 52
HELLO Sad 10 How are you feeling, Timebomb? {A bit worried about Timebomb, as he almost died.} 53
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey there, Sticky. {Random greeting to Sticky.} 54
HELLO Fear 10 How are the patrols going, Flash? Are we still safe? {A little scared. Kimba is afraid of the Raiders and Mutants that have attacked the town before.} 55
HELLO Sad 50 God, I miss Lamplight. Those were the days... {Nostalgic. Lamplight was comparatively much better than Big Town.} 56
HELLO Sad 50 I wonder how the Lamplighters are doing... {Nostalgic. Lamplight was comparatively much better than Big Town.} 57
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey, Red. Do you need any help washing bandages later? {Kimba is trying to make herself useful. She looks to Red for things to do.} 58
HELLO Neutral 50 Hey Shorty. How's our favorite little guy doing? {Kimba still treats Shorty like a kid. His height makes her forget that he's grown up.} 59
HELLO Neutral 50 How are you doing, Pappy? {Innocently checking on her friend's health.} 60
MS01CrowdSay MS01CrowdSay Neutral 50 Yay! {(cheering) in an excited cheering mob} 61
MS01CrowdSay Neutral 50 Hmmm... like this? {learning something} 62
MS01CrowdSay Happy 75 Hahahaha! { (laughing to friends at a live firing range - having fun)} 63
MS01CrowdSay Fear 25 Am I doing this right? {learning how to plant land mines} 64
MS01CrowdSay Fear 25 That seems complicated. {learning how to repair and program a robot defender} 65
MS01CrowdSay Neutral 50 Yea! {(cheering loudly) in an excited mob greeting their would-be hero upon his return} 66


Attack Attack Surprise 50 I think I'm getting the hang of this. 67


CombatToNormal CombatToNormal Happy 100 I think... I think they're dead! 68
NormalToCombat StartCombat Fear 100 I need help over here! 69