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Killian Darkwater is the mayor of Junktown, and the owner of Darkwaters General Store in 2161.


Aside from being mayor, Killian is also head of the local guard force, and a thorn in the side of Gizmo, who would like to see Killian eliminated. He is tough and strong, a decent man who hates bullies. Though not a violent man, he will fight to the death to protect himself and his town. Knowing that Gizmo is trying to kill him, he always keeps two guards outside the door to his store.[1]

Killian is the grandson of Junktown's founder, an American soldier who found himself without an allegiance after the nuclear holocaust devastated the planet.[2] He is a tough but fair leader, aiming to make Junktown a safe and prosperous town for its citizens. He values law and order above all else, putting him at odds with the less reputable elements of the town's society, especially Gizmo, who resents Killian for "cramping" his business. Killian took over Junktown when his father died.[3]

He wears his grandfather's dog tags around his neck, never parting with them.

Interactions with the player character

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Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Citizen outfit Desert Eagle Stimpak x3
.44 Magnum JHP x20
Bottle caps
Dog tags


  • The random number of bottle caps in his inventory will reset any time a game is loaded or upon entering the area.
  • After talking to him for the first time - when Kenji enters the building - Killian's inventory changes. The exact details vary, but he will always have a new Desert Eagle if the first one was bought or stolen from him.
  • Killian's dog tags are lootable from his corpse, whether or not Gizmo requested them for the proof of death.
  • Killian bears a very strong physical resemblance to his voice actor.
  • If caught picking any locks in the store, he will stop the Vault Dweller. Entering dialogue with him after that puts the Vault Dweller in Junktown's jail.


Killian Darkwater appears in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout Bible.



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