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Killian Darkwater is the mayor of Junktown in 2161.[1][Non-game 1] He runs his own general store called Darkwaters and acts as the head of the Junktown guard.[2][3][Non-game 1]


The grandson of the founder of Junktown and son of its previous mayor,[4][5][Non-game 1] Killian Darkwater spent time in his youth travelling with caravans but eventually settled down and opened "Darkwaters", a general store in Junktown.[6][2] Killian took on the role of mayor of Junktown following the death of his father,[5] which the public generally approves of citing him as a hard and strong man that acts fairly and will protect Junktown as best he can.[7][8][Non-game 1]

As a leader, Killian is hard on crime and shady practices with a focus on Gizmo and his casino,[9][10][Non-game 1] though he is not above making deals with local gangs to help keep the peace.[11] This attitude has earned him the ire and wrath of Gizmo, who believed his casino was the only reason Junktown was prosperous following Killian's rise to the position of mayor.[12]

Interactions with the player character[]

Interactions overview[]

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This character is a temporary companion.
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This character has a talking head.
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This character starts quests.
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Tell me about[]


Apparel Weapon Other items On death
Citizen outfit Desert Eagle Stimpak x3
.44 Magnum JHP x20
Bottle caps
Dog tags


  • The random number of bottle caps in his inventory will reset any time a game is loaded or upon entering the area.
  • After talking to him for the first time - when Kenji enters the building - Killian's inventory changes. The exact details vary, but he will always have a new Desert Eagle if the first one was bought or stolen from him.
  • Killian's dog tags are lootable from his corpse, whether or not Gizmo requested them for the proof of death.
  • Killian bears a very strong physical resemblance to his voice actor.
  • If caught picking any locks in the store, he will stop the Vault Dweller. Entering dialogue with him after that puts the Vault Dweller in Junktown's jail.
  • The dog tags Killian wears most likely belonged to his grandfather, who was a soldier.[4][13]


Killian Darkwater appears in Fallout and is mentioned in Fallout Bible.

Behind the scenes[]

Originally the end results of dealing with Killian and Gizmo were to be less black and white. Killian's firm "frontier justice" mindset would discourage trade, slowly grinding Junktown into the ground, while Gizmo's dealings would turn the settlement into a flourishing trade hub, albeit for purely self serving reasons. However, this was deemed to be unsatisfying and the results were reversed. [Non-game 2]



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    Tycho: "Not my place. I'd rather not cross Killian, after all. He'll clean up this town when he gets around to it. A good man, mark my words. But watch out for that fellow Gizmo. Reminds me of another fat freak my father told me about back in Las Vegas."
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    Sinthia: "And, honey, those thoughts just don't do my stomach a whole lot of good.."
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    Gizmo: "All right, [Gizmo snorts] here's the deal. Junktown, it ain't what it used to be. The only reason it's still here is because of my gambling establishment. Even so, Killian's been breathing down my neck, and I'm starting to take it personal. [Gizmo snorts] And that's where you come in, slick."
    (Gizmo's dialogue)
  13. "Dog Tags"
    "A set of military dog tags. The name Darkwater is readable, but not much else is."
    (In-game description)


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