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Killbot inventory list is a paper note in the Fallout 76 update Steel Reign.


  • Metal Dome, on the table in the metal hut on the second level.



Killbot Parts Inventory

Buzzsaw complied a list of robot parts needed to create these Killbots he told us about. We found some RobCo crates full of odds and ends in one of the train cars. It's a good start, but this is the list of what we need to get them finished up.

Protectron Arms, Legs and Torso
Mr. Handy Arms
Eyebots, lotta Eyebots
Assaultron Legs and Torso
SentrybotIn-game spelling Circuit Board
Fusion Cores
Human Skulls
Metal Spikes
Black Spray Paint

Potential names for the killbots.
Die Bot
Mr. Killmeister

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