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People been disappearing. Just them that are slow and sickly, for now. 'Course, they don't stop to cook their food like us. They just gnaw it into a few bloody clumps of hair and rags. Least that's all we find in the morning. I've even heard talk that there's some kind of giant rat god that tells 'em all what to do.— Slim Picket

Kill the rat god is a side quest in Fallout 2.

Quick walkthrough

Side Quest: Kill the rat god
Speak with Slim Picket.
Unlock the door near Slim.
Go inside Klamath tunnels to level 2.
Kill the rat god.
Reward: 300 XP, +50 Karma

Detailed walkthrough

There is a big problem in Trapper Town, the west end of Klamath. Slim tells the Chosen One he thinks there is something in the caverns below controlling the rats that have been infesting the place.

The key to the warrens door can be obtained in one of several ways, including:

  • Convincing Slim to give it away.
  • Steal the key from him.
  • Lockpick the door.
  • Sleeping with Slim (Females only).
  • Looting him of it.
  • Feeding the dog near Klamath's town center a piece of meat jerky (he will cough a key up and follow the Chosen One around).
  • Bartering for the key (it has a value of 0, so he will accept anything offered.)

Once in the warrens, the Chosen One must battle their way down through the caves until they reach the second sub-floor. Below lies Keeng Ra'at the rat god, the brains behind the invasion. The giant rat has a considerable amount of HP, and will be challenging. If it gets a Critical Hit in the eyes, no matter the damage - it will always be fatal.



  • The quest is finished as soon as Keeng Ra'at dies.
  • Neither Slim nor the other inhabitants of Trapper Town will fully associate with the Chosen One upon the deserting of the rodent scourge, but Karma is gained nonetheless.
  • Brain, another albino rat that resides in Gecko, will remark that he feels the second last of his kin has passed away. He will not seek vengeance however, as he knows his brother was mad.

Behind the scenes

  • The rats invasion organised by a single mutated leader (along with him being albine) is a cultural reference to The Rats novel by James Herbert. Unlike the physically lame book mutant, which depends completely on its offspring, the Keeng Ra'at's strength roughly matches his mind.
  • When the quest is completed and the Chosen One talks to Slim afterwards, he will state how they are a regular "Pied Piper". In accordance to the goal of this quest, the 'Pied Piper' is a mythical character said to have removed an infestation of rats from the town of Hamelin during the Middle Ages.